Mormon Boyz MormonBoyz being sexually initiated by their Elders Elder Miller 130046 Patriarch Smith 128577

Studio: Mormon Boyz / MormonBoyz.com
Directed by: Paul Jackson
Year of Production / Release: 2014
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Elder Miller [Alec Hudson / Brannon]
Patriarch Smith

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Elder Miller
Age 19
Height 5′ 10″
Cock Large

Gorgeous Elder Miller’s companion caught him breaking the rules. Now he’s facing a painful and humiliating punishment at the hands of the Patriarch.
   Every missionary follows a long list of rules contained in the Missionary Handbook. These rules govern every aspect of a missionary’s life — when they wake and go to sleep, how they dress, with whom they can be alone, what kind of music they can listen to and what books they can read. When a missionary keeps the rules, he demonstrates his obedience.
   Missionaries are strictly forbidden from reading anything other than the scriptures and a few books about the Church written by General Authorities. But an investigator had asked a question about Joseph Smith’s First Vision that troubled Elder Miller. He decided to do a little secret research on the internet. What he found disturbed him: Joseph Smith had told the story at several points in his life, and the accounts differed in irreconcilable ways. Was Joseph Smith hiding something about his first vision of God, the foundation of the Restored Church?
   The Patriarch heard about what Elder Miller had been reading from Miller’s companion. Knowing how serious the situation was, the Patriarch told Elder Miller to come see him without delay.
   Sitting in front of the Patriarch, Elder Miller feels a mixture of shame and defiance. He feels guilty for his confusion and doubt about the truth of the restoration, but he also feels angry that the Church doesn’t tell its members the whole truth. But his defiance quickly melts in the face of the powerful, older man’s authority.
   And he is embarrassed to find himself feeling lust for the Patriarch–he can’t help imagining the older man taking control of his body. What would the Patriarch think if he knew what Elder Miller is dreaming about!
The Patriarch makes Elder Miller tell him what he read, and then impresses on the young man that only the men of The Order know the full truth of early Mormon history. Elder Miller is too ashamed to voice his doubts, but the Patriarch can sense them. So he asks Elder Miller how he can be sure that what he saw on the internet wasn’t just made up by a bitter apostate? Why would he trust some anonymous web site rather than men called of God and ordained with his priesthood authority?
   Realizing his error, Elder Miller begs the Patriarch to punish him fully for his transgression so that he can be forgiven by God and complete his mission with honor. The Patriarch loves this part of confession — not only will he get to be an instrument of the Lord in the young man’s repentance, he will also get to enjoy the young man’s beautiful body.
   The Patriarch bends the missionary over his knee and spanks him. Elder Miller is surprised — he hasn’t been spanked since he was a child, and it hurts. But the stinging pain is also pleasurable, and he feels his balls and dick start to tingle with the beginnings of an erection. He closes his eyes and tries to will it away — he can’t let the Patriarch know that he is enjoying this! But it’s no good. As the Patriarch spanks him harder and harder, and his butt begins to feel numb from the beating, his dick hardens despite his resistance. The Patriarch puts him on all fours, like a dog, and finishes this stage of the corporal punishment. Elder Miller has completely submitted to his authority. All that matters to him is being a good boy for the Patriarch.
   So he doesn’t resist when the Patriarch orders him to stand up, and continues undressing him, even though he’s terrified that his boner is about to be revealed. Or is it possible that the Patriarch is just like his mission companions who first told him about the True Order? Could it be that the Patriarch is liking this as much as he is? Once his pants come off, his excitement is clearly evident underneath his garments. When the Patriarch grabs his dick, a thrill of pleasure shoots through his body from his head to his toes.
   The Patriarch strips him completely naked and begins to jack him off. It takes all of the elder’s will power not to burst, but he’s still afraid to cum in front of the Patriarch. But as the Patriarch works over his hard shaft, Elder Miller can tell that he won’t be able to resist for long. He lets out a little moan — his whole body feels sensitized, and his dick throbs in the Patriarch’s firm hand. His balls pull in tight to his body and he can’t control himself any more. A hot white jet of cum shoots from his dick. He can tell from the Patriarch’s face that he has been a good boy. All is forgiven.
   Elder Miller thinks maybe he should make a regular habit of doing things that will get him sent to the Patriarch…

Mormon Boyz MormonBoyz being sexually initiated by their Elders

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