Mormon Boyz MormonBoyz being sexually initiated by their Elders Elder Haddock 130352 Elder Kensington 130045

Studio: Mormon Boyz / MormonBoyz.com
Directed by: Paul Jackson
Year of Production / Release: 2014
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Elder Kensington
Elder Haddock

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Elder Haddock
Age 19
Height 5′ 11″
Cock XL & Thick

Elder Kensington
Age 18
Height 5′ 10″
Cock XL & Talented

All the missionaries know that Elder Haddock likes to take long showers. Which is understandable, since showering is pretty much the only time a missionary is allowed to be alone. But Elder Haddock’s showers are so long that the other missionaries have begun to wonder what he gets up to once the door is locked and his clothes are off. Behind his back, the other elders have decided that he must be masturbating in the shower, and they like to tease him about it whenever they all get together.
   When Elder Kensington heard he’d be working over with Elder Haddock, he immediately pictured Haddock masturbating in a shower. He was sure that Elder Haddock had a thick, meaty dick. The thought made his own dick twitch in his pants. He also realized that if Elder Haddock was going to be in the shower for a while, he might have enough time to quickly jerk one out. And he hadn’t had enough privacy to masturbate in weeks–his balls were aching to release a load.
   True to the rumor, Elder Haddock takes his sweet time in the shower this morning. Is he masturbating? Elder Kensington can’t be sure, but he plays the scene out in his head anyway. He imagines Elder Haddock stripping off his tie, his shirt and his pants, then stopping to admire himself in the mirror, wearing only the sacred garments over his muscled body. Maybe he would touch his nipples or tug on his balls before taking his garments off and starting the shower. He’d test to make sure the water is hot, and then hop in and soap up. And then his dick would start to swell up as he washed his butt, his balls, and his fat shaft.
   The plump head of Elder Kensington’s dick pushes up on his belt buckle.
   He is totally impatient. He has to know what Elder Haddock is up to! Is he stroking himself right now? Will he shoot his cum all over the wall? Elder Kensington can no longer resist the temptation to find out. He gets up and heads to the bathroom. Peeking around the corner, he can’t quite see Elder Haddock, so he quietly pulls back a hand towel and is shocked to see a semi-hard penis bigger than any he has ever seen before. And Elder Haddock’s balls are just massive. Elder Kensington spies on his companion for a minute, his own dick throbbing—he looks less like a 19 year old boy than a full-grown man. When Elder Haddock bends forward to wash his crack, his big round butt sticking out of the shower, Elder Kensington can no longer contain himself and heads back to the bedroom to fantasize privately.
But then he spies something hidden under Elder Haddocks bed. He reaches down and pulls out…a porn magazine? He flips through a few pages of men sucking and screwing, then starts to get undressed. He’s so turned on that he doesn’t stop when he hears the shower go off. While Elder Haddock gets dressed in front of the mirror, he strips down to his garments and grabs his dick. He pictures Elder Haddock doing these things to him: bending him over, fingering him, stuffing his meaty cock into his tight hole.
   As he rubs himself and moans with pleasure, Elder Haddock comes back from his shower. Hearing the moaning, he pauses outside the bedroom door. He peeks in and is surprised to find Elder Kensington in the middle of jerking off to his porn. He wouldn’t have guessed that Elder Kensington had same-sex attraction, but he is certainly glad to find out. As Elder Kensington plays with his excited young body, Elder Haddock watches and gets undressed, then plays with his own eager dick. Elder Kensington gets completely naked, puts the magazine down on the bed, and gets on all fours, his dick stiff. Then he starts to grind his penis against the bed, his hairy young butt clenching with every thrust. He knows Elder Haddock is watching him, so he puts on a little show. The thought of the other elder spying on him and jacking off makes Elder Kensington’s balls ache.
   As much fun as he is having showing off for Elder Haddock, he wants him to be in the room when he shoots his load. So he says, “I see you.” Elder Haddock freezes, terrified for a moment that he has been discovered. But Elder Kensington is masturbating, too, so he knows his secret is safe.
   “Come in,” says Elder Kensington.
   Elder Haddock takes the magazine and sits on the other bed, and Elder Kensington joins him. Both elders stroke their dicks, and neither offers to lend the other a hand. The tension sends a thrill from Elder Kensington’s balls all the way up his spine. He wants to ask Elder Haddock to touch his penis, but he is also enjoying the teasing. Denying himself the pleasure of touching Elder Haddock’s dick is even hotter than doing whatever he wants. The pent-up longing is more than he can handle — he feels like he may cum at any moment.
   Seeing how badly Elder Kensington wants his dick brings Elder Haddock right to the edge. He jumps and cums over the edge of the bed. And that sends Elder Kensington off. He gets up on his knees and strokes fast and hard until he cums.

Mormon Boyz MormonBoyz being sexually initiated by their Elders

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