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Michael Lucas Entertainment NUTT IN THE BUTT

Studio: Lucas Entertainment
Directed by: Michael Lucas
Year of Production / Release: 2016
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Derek Allan
Tomas Brand
James Castle
Damon Heart
Adam Killian
Stas Landon
Giovanni Matrix
Javi Velaro

How cum-hungry do you have to be to take a NUTT IN THE BUTT? The Lucas Men are here to answer the question! Damon Heart fulfills his need for daddy dick, and it’s Tomas Brand who gives him a raw uncut load. The handsome and suave James Castle gets a taste of Derek Allan’s Mexican spunk. Lucas Entertainment welcomes the handsome Russian beefcake Stas Landon by pairing him up with porn legend Adam Killian. And Giovanni Matrix finishes us off by shooting his “Nutt” in exclusive model Javi Velaro’s “Butt”!

Michael Lucas Entertainment NUTT IN THE BUTT SCENE 1 Damon Heart Takes Tomas Brand's Daddy Dick Up The Ass
SCENE 1: Damon Heart Takes Tomas Brand’s Daddy Dick Up The Ass
Damon Heart is young, slender, and enjoys being submissive for the right guy. Is there more of a “right guy” than Tomas Brand to take advantage of a situation involving subservience? I think not! Everything Damon likes to do between the sheets is called upon in this bareback sex encounter — especially deep and sensual oral sex (Damon Heart loves making eye contact, a trait Tomas Brand appreciates). Damon is a tall and lean dude, so he uses his natural agility to move around in several positions to take Tomas’ daddy dick in his ass balls deep.

Michael Lucas Entertainment NUTT IN THE BUTT SCENE 2 James Castle Gets a Taste of Derek Allan's Mexican Spunk
SCENE 2: James Castle Gets a Taste of Derek Allan’s Mexican Spunk
James Castle is a handsome European model that looks incredible fully dressed, and even better after all his clothes are off. Derek Allan in an adorable exclusive that is excited for every new sexual journey he embarks on. Both James Castle and Derek Allan were very excited to perform together while on set in Greece. James has a big fat cock, and Derek enjoys feeling one reach all the way up into his ass. It sounds like a great match to me.

Michael Lucas Entertainment NUTT IN THE BUTT SCENE 3 Adam Killian Breaks in Stas Landon
SCENE 3: Adam Killian Breaks in Stas Landon
The wait for Stas Landon — one of the sexiest new Lucas Entertainment exclusive models in recent years — is finally over. Michael Lucas recruited Stas –a native of the Ukraine and current resident of Moscow — to Lucas Entertainment, and his first scene is with none other than the gay porn legend Adam Killian, who also made his bareback debut with the studio. Adam loves big muscular guys, so Stas won’t disappoint!

Michael Lucas Entertainment NUTT IN THE BUTT SCENE 4 Giovanni Matrix Nutts in Javi Velaro's Butt
SCENE 4: Giovanni Matrix Nutts in Javi Velaro’s Butt
No, we didn’t spell “nutt” wrong — head over to Urban Dictionary and you’ll see that “nutt” has it’s own entry: it’s when you pump your load into a happy and willing human receptacle. The hot thug Giovanni Matrix is all about nutting, and it didn’t take any convincing that Javi Velaro would be an awesome candidate for him to work up a load with. I don’t want to mislead you — Giovanni doesn’t cream inside Javi directly (there’s the “money shot” obligation) — but from what I hear Javi is pretty tight in the behind, so I’m sure Giovanni wanted nutt directly inside him. Maybe next time!


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