WELL FUCKED Viktor Rom Diego Summers Dylan O'Hardy Javi Velaro Michael Lucas Dario Leon Logan Rogue Antonio Miracle Derek Allan

Studio: Lucas Entertainment
Directed by: Michael Lucas
Year of Production / Release: 2016
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Derek Allan
Dario Leon
Michael Lucas
Antonio Miracle
Dylan O’Hardy
Logan Rogue
Viktor Rom
Diego Summers
Javi Velaro

A “WELL FUCKED” man is a happy man: just ask our handsome cast of Lucas Entertainment stars! Dylan O’Hardy is the first bottom guy on the menu: macho tops Viktor Rom and Diego Summers pass him around like a piece of meat, and Dylan loves every second of it. Javi Velaro takes it in the ass from Michael Lucas. Logan Rogue goes total bottom for the top cock of muscle jock Dario Leon. And Derek Allan takes and gives it to Antonio Miracle in the butt raw. No one is satisfied until they are “WELL FUCKED”!

Michael Lucas Entertainment WELL FUCKED SCENE 1: Viktor Rom and Diego Summers Double-Team Dylan O'Hardy
SCENE 1: Viktor Rom and Diego Summers Double-Team Dylan O’Hardy
One thing is for sure — Dylan O’Hardy must have had a hard time walking after taking two dicks up the rear. But the two tops in question are extra special, so there’s no room for complaint: Viktor Rom and Diego Summers (a new Lucas Entertainment exclusive model). Also, a note on Diego: in the opinion of this Lucas Entertainment content writer, he’s one of the sexiest models currently around. His shaved head, lean body, and erect fat cock all make him a dream guy to have in bed. Dylan gets him and Viktor, another god among gay porn stars. However much fun you have watching these three together, the live action itself must have been mind-blowing.

Michael Lucas Entertainment WELL FUCKED SCENE 2 Javi Velaro Bottoms for Michael Lucas
SCENE 2: Javi Velaro Bottoms for Michael Lucas
One of the best aspects of Javi Velaro as a gay bareback porn star is his true versatility. He enjoys taking dick in the butt as much as he likes giving it. In this encounter he flaunts his desires as a bottom, and Michael Lucas is his top. Judging by the hungry ass shot at 07:24, Javi isn’t afraid to take all 10 inches of Michael’s uncut Russian dick. Don’t worry: Michael is more than happy to deliver it.

Michael Lucas Entertainment WELL FUCKED SCENE 3 Dario Leon Owns Logan Rogue's Ass
SCENE 3: Dario Leon Owns Logan Rogue’s Ass
Dario Leon might be all top, but he’s sure a passionate one who knows how to relax and soften his men up before stripping down and sticking it in. This approach works very well on Logan Rogue, who gets hot and bothered after being passionately swooned by the deep and wet kisses of Dario. This leads to Logan pulling Dario’s huge uncut cock out of his shorts for fellatio. Logan enjoys seeing his tops fuck him, so he starts out on his back with Dario’s raw dick deep inside of him. But in my opinion, the best sequence shows Logan on his elbows and knees — from behind, Dario is mounted on top and pumps his seed hard.

Michael Lucas Entertainment WELL FUCKED SCENE 4 Antonio Miracle Tops and Bottoms for Derek Allan
SCENE 4: Antonio Miracle Tops and Bottoms for Derek Allan
Antonio Miracle is a big, beefy, and tattooed muscle bear that has a lot of passion to give his partners. He also looks incredible wearing a simple black t-shirt and jeans. Fresh-faced Derek Allan has a particular attraction to Antonio for all of these reasons and more — he couldn’t stop staring at the beefcake on set — so they were paired up to see what kind of fun would happen. It’s no surprise that quite a bit occurred. You might assume that Antonio would pound Derek, but he actually takes it as much as he gives. Show him who is in charge, Derek!


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