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Titan Men Fresh PRIVATE ENTRY Marco Bill Thomas Divila Thomas Dyk Ennio Guardi Kenny Jacobs Mauro Martinez Randy Scott Luke Taylor David White Titan Men Fresh PRIVATE ENTRY Marco Bill Thomas Divila Thomas Dyk Ennio Guardi Kenny Jacobs Mauro Martinez Randy Scott Luke Taylor David White

Studio: Titan Media / Titan Fresh
Directed by: Richie Oldmann
Year of Production / Release: 2010
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Marco Bill
Thomas Divila [Thomas Dyk]
Ennio Guardi
Kenny Jacobs
Mauro Martinez
Randy Scott
Luke Taylor
David White

SCENE 1: Marco Bill and Ennio Guardi fuck Randy Scott
SCENE 2: Thomas Divila and Kenny Jacobs spit-roast fuck Mauro Martinez
SCENE 3: David White fucks Luke Taylor

You want inside the exclusive club? You’ll have to work extra hard to get an invite to one of Europe’s most decadent destinations, a secretive lounge that only admits the hot and the hung. Eight smooth, uncut studs have already earned Private Entry into the latest TitanMen Fresh feature—do you have what it takes to keep up with them? Peek inside and join the party…
   An underwater tango between Marco Bill and Randy Scott is a pool party to remember. Voyeur Ennio Guardi can’t help himself, joining them on land as the three find another way to get wet.
   Horny strippers Kenny Jacobs and Mauro Martinez catch the eye of patron Thomas Divila, who joins Kenny in flip-fucking Mauro after some spirited sucking.
   Sporting one of the cutest smiles in the business, adorable bartender Luke Taylor engages customer David White in some slurpy sucking—then offers his hole for an unforgettable fuck.

SCENE 1: Marco Bill, Ennio Guardi and Randy Scott
After he settles into the club, dark-haired Ennio Guardi eyes shaggy-haired Marco Bill and chiseled Randy Scott. The naked studs are in an adjacent room, but a floor-to-ceiling glass wall allows Ennio to watch their pool play. Marco and Randy grind as they kiss, their hard uncut cocks engaged in swordplay before they blow each other in an impressive display of underwater sucking. As Ennio rubs his own bulge, the two grind their cocks against the glass and beckon him deeper into the club. Near the spa, Ennio finds the smooth cuties sucking each other as Randy’s abs tighten up. Ennio whips out his cock for Marco before falling to his knees, slurping Randy as Marco’s monster cock grinds on his swimming mate. Randy then takes his turn sucking before Ennio joins him in feasting on Marco’s huge slab, which fucks their pursed lips in a great visual. The two lick Marco’s cock and balls, their tongues meeting after sliding up both sides of his shaft. The three blast their loads, then head to the lounge where Randy gets fed by Marco and eaten by Ennio. The tops take turns stuffing both of Randy’s holes as the bottom moans. The trio unloads another round of cum—with Marco’s cock staying rock-hard as the scene fades to black.

SCENE 2: Thomas Divila, Kenny Jacobs and Mauro Martinez
Light-skinned stud Thomas Divila can’t control his urges when he spots strippers Kenny Jacobs and Mauro Martinez warming up near the stage. He moves in to join the duo as the three strip, rubbing against each other as they kiss. Dark-haired Mauro gets sucked by both of his buds, who work his shaft and sac. Thomas and Mauro then take turns on their knees as a gorgeous shot unfolds: as Mauro bobs his head on Thomas’s hard dick, Kenny’s juicy slab—which is resting on Mauro’s shoulder—gets treated to some hot friction. Thomas then gets sucked by his admirers, his smooth, sweaty chest and clenched abs glowing on camera. The three stroke out their first loads—including a multi-stream gusher from Thomas that flies across the floor. After making their way to a lounge, Mauro gets eaten by Thomas while slurping on Kenny’s thick cock (caught in a hot side shot that shows off the bulging vein on the underside of his shaft). Mauro gets fucked by both men, who take turns stuffing his eager holes. Thomas works up a great rhythm, his pleasure-filled expressions making the scene even hotter. Mauro’s ass ripples and his cock frantically bounces as he gets pounded by Kenny, and after Thomas fucks him again, the three come a second time—including an impressive load from the bottom that lands on his own neck.

SCENE 3: Luke Taylor and David White
After flirting with customer David White all day, cute bartender Luke Taylor leans in for a kiss and jumps over as the two grind. Sitting on the bar, Luke gets his cock worshipped by David as a stunning low shot looks up at the action—including Luke’s lust-inducing expressions, which invigorate the scene. David rubs Luke’s tight body as he sucks him, his own boner pulsing in excitement. Luke’s enthusiasm increases with every moan and the two kiss before David gets back to work—spitting on smiling Luke’s boner before sliding two fingers inside the bartender’s hole. Luke gets on his knees to deep throat David, and perfect side shots capture Luke’s face and David’s shaft glistening with spit. As their chemistry heats up, David fucks Luke’s face even faster. After 69ing, the two head to the stripper podium as Luke tongues David’s smooth hole. Luke then gets on his back, licking his lips and grinning as he gets rammed. The bottom’s cock stays stiff as steel, including an unforgettable sit-down sequence that has his boner frantically bouncing as he rides David. The top goes from slow and steady to fast and furious, later using his hands to spread Luke’s cheeks and show off his hungry hole. Soon on his back with his ass in the air, Luke gets plunge-fucked by the top before the two let go of their loads to end the intense encounter.


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