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Titan Men THRUST Tristan Jaxx Viktor Jones Dakota Rivers Titan Men THRUST Tristan Jaxx Viktor Jones Dakota Rivers

Studio: Titan Media
Directed by: Brian Mills
Year of Production / Release: 2010
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Leo Alarcon
Tristan Jaxx
Viktor Jones
Dakota Rivers
Francois Sagat
Christopher Saint
Ethan Wolfe

SCENE 1: Viktor Jones fucks Francois Sagat
SCENE 2: After pissing on one another, Tristan Jaxx fucks Christopher Saint
SCENE 3: Dakota Rivers fucks Ethan Wolfe, later both fuck Leo Alarcon

A handsome hunk relaxing on the beach, a morning jogger, an unsuspecting repairman…none of them saw it coming. But when an igniting force meets an irresistible object, all are Thrust into a torrid encounter beyond their control. Watch as a series of seducers—led by TitanMen exclusives Leo Alarcon, Francois Sagat and Christopher Saint—probe deep and hard in this pulse-pounder from award-winning director Brian Mills.
   Relaxing on the beach, Viktor Jones is distracted by runner Francois Sagat. Their heart rates—and their huge uncut cocks—soar even higher in the rain-filled forest.
   While stretching after his morning jog, Christopher Saint is admired by Tristan Jaxx. After an oral exchange, Saint tightens his toned hole around the top’s sizeable slab.
   Copier repairman Leo Alarcon can’t believe his eyes as businessmen Ethan Wolfe and Dakota Rivers engage in some extracurricular office activity. The stroking voyeur is soon brought into the action as an unforgettable threesome ensues.

Titan Men THRUST
SCENE 1: Francois Sagat with Viktor Jones
Lounging on the beach, dark-haired Viktor Jones eyes runner Francois Sagat. Quickly up to his feet, Viktor jogs alongside the muscle hunk to a clearing in the woods. As rain trickles down their toned bodies, the two passionately kiss as their hands roam each other. Trim Viktor drops down to feast on the throbbing cock of Francois, whose rain-soaked body hair clings to his muscles as water drips down the crevices of his torso. After a kiss, the bulge in Viktor’s jeans aches for release. Francois offers a spirited suck that has drool dripping down his chest as spit strands dangle between his lips and Viktor’s thick, arched slab. After more deep throating, kissing and sword play, Francois eats out his bud’s hairy hole while jacking Viktor’s huge cock at the same time. They let out their first loads as Francois’s chest gets even wetter. The beefy stud then bends over as Viktor pounds away, varying his tempo from slow and steady to fast and hard as Francois moans with each thrust. The bottom gets on his back, a great aerial shot looking down on his massive chest and boner—which soon emits another spray before Viktor coats him in more cum.

Titan Men THRUST
SCENE 2: Christopher Saint with Tristan Jaxx
After a morning jog, toned Christopher Saint stretches outside his home. His stunning body grabs the attention of muscular Tristan Jaxx, who inches closer. The two can’t control themselves, rubbing each other and kissing as their scruffy chins meet. Their boners grind as they lose control, their intense connection obvious. As Tristan falls down to suck, Christopher runs his hand through his bud’s hair—then holds on to his head as he fucks Tristan’s face. As the aggressor gets faster, Tristan’s luscious lips keep a steady grip on Christopher’s shaft. After a kiss, Saint engulfs Tristan’s huge slab as slurp sounds fill the air. Jacking as he sucks, Christopher moans louder before he squirts, the two exchanging smiles. After Tristan bursts, Christopher gets his English ass eaten. Tristan rams his uncut rod inside—getting the bottom to moan in ecstasy. Christopher’s hard dick twitches as he gets fucked, but an even hotter shot follows: the bottom sits down on Tristan, whose huge cock disappears as Saint rides him like a pro, grinding down and gyrating as the top rubs his body from behind. On his back again, Christopher soon soaks himself as a huge stream flies off the screen. Tristan follows suit, his own massive load flying over the bottom—whose balls also get kissed by cum in the memorable closing shots.

Titan Men THRUST
SCENE 3: Leo Alarcon with Dakota Rivers and Ethan Wolfe
When businessman Ethan Wolfe calls over office-mate Dakota Rivers for a consult, the two suited studs can’t resist each other. The goateed Ethan soon has his face planted on Dakota’s rock-hard cock—a display that catches the attention of copy repairman Leo Alarcon, a dark-haired hunk watching from afar. As Dakota face fucks his co-worker, Leo whips out his own cock and starts stroking, tugging on his balls to show off his pulsating dick—which shines from his own spit. Soon beckoned over, the horny handyman takes turns feasting on the hotties. Opening wide, he tries to engulf all of Ethan’s monster cock—looking up at Dakota as he does it, getting even more turned on knowing he’s being watched. Leo makes frequent eye contact with his seducers, clearly under their spell—which increases the already-scorching energy level. Leo then feeds his cock to both of them, dumping his load on the glass wall after they cum. Ethan then gets stuffed from both ends, Leo’s face emitting a look of pure please as he gets sucked. The versatile bottom then rams Leo, whose dick stays remarkably stiff. Dakota takes control, continuing to hit the clearly excited bottom’s pleasure spot before Ethan fucks him again. The hairy-chested bottom is soon coated in cum as more kissing completes the hottest cubicle encounter ever.


*** Highly, Highly Recommended ***


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