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Raging Stallion POWER PLAY Josh Moore Isaac X Cole Connor Beau Butler Alpha Wolfe Andre Donovan Jake Waters James Fox Drew Valentino Colby Melvin Xavier

Studio: Raging Stallion
Directed by: Tony Dimarco
Year of Production / Release: 2022
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Beau Butler
Cole Connor
Andre Donovan
James Fox
Colby Melvin
Josh Moore
Drew Valentino
Jake Waters
Alpha Wolfe
Isaac X

The job market is more cutthroat than it’s ever been, and if you’re hoping to succeed in this bareback office environment, then you should be ready to deliver a ball-busting ‘Power Play’ at any given moment. From award-winning director Tony Dimarco, this suited-up feature follows eleven businessmen who are ready to do anything and everything to make sure they come out on top. Alpha Wolfe is under strict instruction to do whatever it takes to get billionaire Josh Moore to sign his documents. When he realizes that the corporate stud isn’t going to just give up his signature, Alpha Wolfe drops to his knees and prepares to take all nine inches of Josh’s uncut cock. After watching Jake Waters secretly touch himself during a meeting, Andre Donovan is determined to hook up with the young manager by drilling his ass in their CEO’s bathroom. Cole Connor has slept with basically every executive at the company and now James Fox wants a turn at flip-fucking the bearded slut. Intern Drew Valentino is desperate for a full-time job and lucky for him, head of HR Isaac X is willing to open up a position for him as long as the intern is willing to open up his zipper. Beau Butler was just instructed by his boss to make sure that Colby Melvin and Xavier leave the office happy. Always the dedicated worker, he immediately takes both men into a side room where they have the chance to strip down and double penetrate his hairy hole. As you can see, anyone that’s going to survive in this business needs to make sure they’re always ready with a ‘Power Play’ that will leave every single one of their co-workers fully satisfied.

Drew Valentino fucks Isaac X Raging Stallion Power Play
POWER PLAY / SCENE 1: Drew Valentino fucks Isaac X

Intern Drew Valentino is aching for a full-time position, but to make that happen, he needs to prove to head HR hunk Isaac X that he’s the man for the job. After letting Isaac feel up on his hard cock, Drew buries his face between Isaac’s furry cheeks and even lets him suck him off. Too horny to even strip off his tie, Isaac then bends over for Drew to drill his hole. Taking a break only to suck dick and invade the intern’s hairy pits, Isaac resumes the bareback action by throwing his legs up in the air and grinning with each thrust of the employee’s member. Both men are soon covering Isaac in their impressive loads with a smirking Drew knowing that he’s officially secured his slot as a full-time employee.

Cole Connor fucks James Fox Raging Stallion Power Play
POWER PLAY / SCENE 2: Cole Connor fucks James Fox

Everybody knows that Cole Connor uses his hole to climb the corporate ladder, and now co-worker James Fox wants to see what all the fuss is about. While waiting for a meeting with the CEO, James goes for it and pulls Cole’s cock out of his suit. He sucks his dick and rims his muscular ass before propping him up on the stairs and barebacking him. Cole returns the favor by laying James down, topping his hairy hole, and showing him why everyone in the company can’t get enough of his cock. After busting from the sensation of Cole sliding in and out of him, a still-hard James heads to a chair where Cole ties him up with a necktie and rides him until he’s shooting out his own massive load all over James’ naked body.Â

Andre Donovan fucks Jake Waters Raging Stallion Power Play
POWER PLAY / SCENE 3: Andre Donovan fucks Jake Waters

After watching Jake Waters secretly touch himself during a work meeting, Andre Donovan is ready to see what the businessman’s stroke game is like first-hand. Andre immediately gets down to business by pulling out his 9.5′ for his co-worker to swallow. Now completely rid of his constricting suit and only wearing a jock, a hard Jake gets into position for Andre’s hung dick to bareback him. He winces while lying on the bathroom counter as his co-worker endlessly thrusts himself inside of his young hole. With his eyes rolling into the back of his head, Andre pulls out and covers his fellow manager’s ass in a thick layer of jizz. He then shoves his stiff dick back inside Jake with the bottom blowing his load just moments later.

Josh Moore fucks Alpha Wolfe Raging Stallion Power Play
POWER PLAY / SCENE 4: Josh Moore fucks Alpha Wolfe

When Alpha Wolfe realizes that businessman Josh Moore isn’t going to sign off on some important documents and close the deal, he decides that the only way to complete this transaction is by wrapping his mouth around Josh’s uncut cock. The aggressive billionaire approves of Alpha’s tactics and proceeds to thrust all nine of his inches into Alpha’s desperate mouth before using his tongue to service his furry hole. With Alpha prepped and wet, Josh slides in and fills up the stud’s juicy ass. The overpowering sounds of Josh’s body rapidly barebacking Alpha’s backside drown out the hairy bottom’s loud and constant moaning. His screams only stop after busting all over the bed and laying down for the billionaire to nut all over Alpha’s bushy beard.

Colby Melvin & Xavier DP Beau Butler Raging Stallion Power Play
POWER PLAY / SCENE 5: Colby Melvin & Xavier DP Beau Butler

Businessman Beau Butler has strict commands from his boss to make sure that suited studs Colby Melvin and Xavier leave the office satisfied. After taking the two to a side room, Beau drops to his knees, does some unzipping, and gets a mouthful of both men. Colby rims Beau’s hairy cheeks and Beau sucks off muscle man Xavier before Colby hops onto the bed to bareback Beau’s hole. Knowing Beau can handle more, both associates join forces to double penetrate the beefy businessman. The two then take turns using Beau’s furry hole until Xavier is shooting all over his face, Colby is busting on his ass, and Beau is covering his stomach in his own thick nut.


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