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RAW CASTINGS 474 James Dupont Austin Andrews bareback

Studio: Raw Castings
Directed by: Bailey
Year of Production / Release: 2016
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Austin Andrews
James Dupont

This scene begins with the casting director outside with new guy James and studio pro, Austin. The director is giving a thorough overview to James about how his scene today will be an audition style video. “Be yourself and show off your stuff,” he says. It turns out that James has been thinking about doing porn for a while. He is gay and he thinks Austin is pretty hot, so the scene should be great. James likes to bottom, which is even better. Once they are on the casting couch, Austin gives it to James in his typical aggressive style – he loves pushing the new guys to their limits. As Austin face fucks James and bosses him around, James responds perfectly – he is the quintessential submissive bottom. Austin has James sit on the floor with his head back on the couch, and as he thrusts his cock over and over into James’ mouth, he presses his head down into the cushion. James is jerking off while he is getting treated like a cock whore, so he definitely has the blowjob thing down. When the fucking begins, though, it’s like fireworks. Austin goes haywire on James’ ass! James is on his back with his legs in the air, and he is getting fucked perhaps better than he has in his entire life. Austin reaches over to his neck to choke him out, and James looks like he just can’t get enough of that dick. As the guys transition to doggie style, the pounding continues. Then, just as the action is getting super-hot, Austin tells James that he has a treat for him. Austin whips out a contraption that goes behind James’ neck and straps his feet up in the air. No more moving around and wiggling for James! As Austin drives and thrusts, James holds his dick tight as if he is trying to not cum so quickly. Austin shoves James’ toes in his mouth as he continues. This is one incredible casting! After several more minutes of fucking, including a few crazy positions, Austin is on the verge of cumming himself. He pulls out and drops a big load into James’ eager and awaiting mouth. James licks it clean. During the debrief with the casting director, James says that his ass feels very stretched open. This is probably the understatement of the century! The guys shower together – industry vet and initiate. This might be one of those rare instances of a coworker crush developing!

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