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Alexander Pictures RIO BLATINOS Alexander Pictures RIO BLATINOS
Studio: Alexander Pictures
Directed by: Alexander
Year of Production / Release: 2010
Country of Production: Brazil / Argentina / U.S.A.

Gustavo Alves
Raul Boteinho
Alef Carvalho
Adrian Coelho
Pascoal Coelho
Adrian Correa
Emilio Frates
Estevam Lobo
Neitor Madeira
Concalo Morales
Martino Paiva
Anibal Ribeiro
Romulo Santos

Alexander Pictures has gathered together some of the most hung Blatino talent on film. From Heitor Madeira’s girthy meat in the first scene to Gustavo Alves’s monster cock in the last, there is more black dick in light-skinned Latin hole that you can shake a stick at. Don’t hesitate to shake your dick at it, thought, that’s why Alexander does what he does. Your only challenge will be getting through all five scenes without dumping in your shorts too early!

SCENE 1: Alef Carvalho, Heitor Madeira
All the best days start with a little street cruising, right? Alef Carvalho is going to have a great day. He’s cruised his way along some gorgeous murals to find Heitor Madeira. From that first handful of big, Blatino dick, it’s clear he’s scored. That handful becomes a mouthful and before long, Alef’s jockstrapped ass is on display. Heitor’s a hands-on kind of guy. He makes it obvious where things are headed. That jock frames Alef’s hole in a pretty tantalizing way and when Heitor starts smacking it with his cock, you will hardly be able to wait for him to climb inside. Right out loud I said, “Damn! That’s a fat cock!” Alef’s tight hold makes it even more obvious that Heitor’s dick has some serious girth. That tight hole did its job, too. Heitor proves it by tagging Alef’s back with his creamy load.

SCENE 2: Romulo Santos, Adrian Coelho, Pascoal Coelho
This scene looks like cruising but these boys have met before. When they start busting out their 6-pack abs, you know someone’s going to get banged hard. It doesn’t take long to realize that preppy Romulo Santos will be taking some thug meat from Pascoal and Adrian Coelho. Are they brothers? The names would lead you to think so… so would their massive Blatino cocks. Romulo can’t seem to get enough as he forces both cocks into his mouth at the same time. There’s no room but luckily he has another option. Pascoal is nice enough to give it some tonguing and fingering before sliding his big prick in while Adrian lays back for some head. Adrien gets to hold his position as Romulo sits on his bone and Pascoal strokes to the live porn he’s witnessing. Both guys shoot on Romulo’s chest as he kneels between them milking out his own load. My cock about knocked my laptop on the floor with this one!

SCENE 3: Martino Paiva, Emilio Frates
Martino Paiva and Emilio Frates show up as yet another pair of great bodies and beautiful cocks. After some head swapping and some 69 action that got Martino’s ass wet and ready, these boys go to work. Emilio’s face says everything as Martino works himself up and down on that fat Blatino prick. Emilio has fucked before, it’s clear, and Martino expresses the sounds of that pain/pleasure barrier being crossed over and over. These guys shift positions again and again to make sure every angle has been covered. It is an impressive fuck to say the least. It is very evident that they really needed to finish it when they finally let their nuts go. If you loved watching Martion take cock like I did, check out Black Topped Pizza Boy from Alexander Pictures. It’s five scenes of him getting pounded by big black dick!

SCENE 4: Anibal Ribeiro and Estevam Lobo
This scene starts with what seems a fairly serious conversation. The kind you have with a guy who’s not quite sure he wants his cock in another dude’s mouth. Before long, though, Estevam Lobo has convinced Anibal Ribeiro to brag about the size of his cock and it’s on. It is, in fact, worthy of some bragging, too. Giant, uncut and plenty of extra overhang on that foreskin. Super sexy Estevam keeps licking his lips as he handles what will prove to be a challenge for his throat and his ass. It’s a challenge he is up to, though. Even I was impressed with his ability to get bent over a chair and pounded by a dick that seemed as thick as his own wrist. Mouth to ass and back, he services Anibal in a way I think this Blatino stud could get used to! The wad that Anibal drops on his smooth chest seems proof that a good time was had by all. My dick was trying to eat it’s way out of my shorts during this scene. A skinny boy with a big dick like that is always inviting. Will power persevered. I was committed to making it to the end!

SCENE 5: Gustavo Alves, Raul Boteinho and Concalo Morales
I love Alexander’s ability to match a couple of thug-looking Blatino guys with a Latino boy who looks like he’s not sure what he’s gotten himself into. I also love that every guy shows that he is actually made for power fucking like he receives. Raul Boteinho is just one of those guys. He plays shy and then strips down to a black jockstrap that makes it clear that he has only one need to be happy. He needs his ass fucked. Gustavo Alves and Concalo Morales only have Raul’s needs in mind as they check out his hole and then pull out the tools of his pleasuring. He sizes them up with his hands and mouth while his hole is roughed up with a couple of big hands. He gets fucked by one then the other in an exchange that makes it pretty obvious he should be sated for some time. My nuts were glad it was the last scene because the cum facial that finished off these hot tops finished me off too. I hope you make it as long as I did!

This is another example of Alexander Pictures’ amazing ability to sniff out the biggest dicks, the hardest abs and the sexiest boys. If you make it through the video in one stroke session, good for you. If you didn’t, just know that you’ll get plenty of chances.



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