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Alexander Pictures SEX IN THE SHOWER Alexander Pictures SEX IN THE SHOWER
Studio: Alexander Pictures
Directed by: Alexander
Year of Production / Release: 2010
Country of Production: Brazil / Argentina / U.S.A.

Eloi Alves
Caetano Barros
Alef Carvalho
Mario Coelho
Adrian Correa
Ruy de Sousa
Silvio Freitas
Manuel Jacques
Estevam Lobo
Marcelo Mastro / Marcelo Sousa
Afonso Mexeja
Renato Moraes
Henrique Neves
Josue Oliveira
Martino Paiva
Denis Torres

Sex in the Shower is just more proof that Brazil has an unfair 16 number of muscle studs with huge cocks. Watch it too often, in fact, and you’ll find it difficult to keep your own prick soft in the shower!
Main Actor: Silvio Freitas
Spread between each scene are short captures of Silvio Freitas enjoying his beautiful body. He’s a gorgeous guy who clearly realized that he’s got something that people like to see… muscles, an amazing face, and a pretty hot dick. He touches himself in a way that may be reminiscent of worship. He’s the glue that pulls all the scenes together and he will more than inspire you to beat out a nice bit of your own sticky stuff.

SCENE 1: Denis Tores, Alef Carvalho, Marcelo Sousa
Watching Denis Tores, Alef Carvalho, and Marcelo Sousa working out on the beach and then stripping down from their board-shorts to speedos would almost be enough. These guys are straight up fantasy material. Add to this the three of them in this shower stall and you will hurt yourself trying to get your dick out fast enough! Marcelo Sousa is a big dick top we’ve seen in several Alexander Pictures releases and his fat cock keeps up the standard he’s already set. Denis is hung nearly as impressively and certainly knows what he’s doing when behind a willing bottom. Alef starts working on these guys with his mouth before getting bent over to get both holes filled at the same time. He slides his asshole off of Marcelo’s dick only to sit down on Denis and give that big, uncut piece his full attention. Marcelo is right there fisting his hot dick for us to watch the whole time. In the end, these guys blow three impressive nuts on that shower wall. Marcelo’s huge nut would have been enough for me but the other guys add a little more icing to the cake.

SCENE 2: Mario Coelho, Estevam Lobo, Adrian Correa
It’s another beach-teaser as Mario Coelho, Estevam Lobo, and Adrian Correa strut their stuff along the shore. They definitely follow through with the promises made by those bulges in their swimwear. When they get into that shower there’s hardly room for all the cock! Estevam immediately gets as much dick in his mouth as he can and the other two guys help him out with that! Before long, though, Adrian’s rutting at Estevam’s hole and if Estevam’s fist on his dick is any indication, he doesn’t mind. Once Adrian buries his cock up Estevam’s hole and starts fucking, it’s a no-holds-barred pounding! It’s hard to imagine taking all the fucking Adrian has to give and then bending over for Mario to shove his big dick up that tail straight away but Estevam does it and still works Adrian’s cock with his mouth and hand like a fucking champ! After all that he gets the best reward possible. He kneels down and gets both of these fuckers’ hot loads on his chest before filling his own foreskin with some creamy nut. Left me wanting to offer a little help with the clean up!

SCENE 3: Renato Moraes, Henrique Neves
Renato Moraes has a boyish look that belies his ability to use his healthy cock for more manly pursuits. Henrique Neves happens to be the manly pursuit in this fuck scene. After a swim, these guys need to clean up. While they are at it they use this shower just like countless other men and Henrique lets Renato slide that long prick up his hole. The fuck-sounds in this scene are fantastic. Not only do you hear Renato slapping his abs up against Henrique’s ass, when Alexander is in the much-coveted under-the-nuts position filming you can hear the wet, sticky sounds of his bone opening up that hole. It’s a lot to handle! Renato handles it just fine, though, and drains his balls on Henrique’s back before Enrique fists out his own jizz. Gorgeous loads for gorgeous cocks!

SCENE 4: Manuel Jacques, Ruy de Sousa, Eloi Alves
Manuel Jacques, Ruy de Sousa, and Eloi Alves start on the beach like a lot of Rio’s sex, it seems. When they get in the shower, though, there’s plenty of sensual kissing and touching before they dry off and really get down to it. Being into exhibitionism and voyeurism myself, when Manuel hops up on the back of that toilet to sit back and watch Ruy suck Eloi’s cock, I knew I was in for a treat. The guys put on a nice show for him, too, and make sure to not leave him out of the fun. They are kissing him and touching him while they enjoy each other. When it gets time for the fucking, Eloi takes his time getting his thick dick up Ruy’s hole. After it’s in, though, he picks up the pace and really uses that shitter to jack his dick off. Ruy’s pushing back hard and fast while he gets it, too. When Eloi pulls out of Ruy, he backs up to Manuel and shows that he can bottom as well as he can top. There’s something super sexy in the way Manuel holds onto Eloi’s neck while he fucks him. The guys all get off in Alexander Pictures style with big loads sprayed all over. Try to hold your own, though, because there’s more!

SCENE 5: Josue Oliveira, Martino Paiva, Afonso Mexeja, Caetano Barros
The only thing better than a 3-way is a foursome! These guys are packed with muscle and big dick and watching them walk across the sand is like foreplay. Once they are in the shower it is clear that they really were warming up for some even hotter times. Josue Oliveira stays in the shower with Martino Paiva but Afonso Mexeja and Caetano Barros are too much for that little place and overflow into the next room. Seeing all four of these guys swapping blowjobs is hotter than hell. From one couple to the next, it’s an incredible series of shots. Then Alexander manages to capture the expression Afonso has on his face as he gets ready to muscle his cock up Caetano’s hole. Josue and Martino have to stop and watch for a bit. It seems to inspire them as they then follow suit. The hard and loud ass-reaming leads to all four guys lining up to drain themselves in a shower that must smell like musky dude all the time!

At the beginning of this film it might have been a little confusing to find Silvio Freitas stroking off in this shower. Having seen all these hot studs blow their loads in the stall, though, it becomes somewhat apparent that he had a little fuel for the fire. Sex in the Shower is another JO instigator. If you can keep your hands out of your pants during this film it just means you weren’t wearing any pants to start with.



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