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Alexander Pictures TEACH ME, ALEXANDER Alexander Pictures TEACH ME, ALEXANDER
Studio: Alexander Pictures
Directed by: Alexander
Year of Production / Release: 2010
Country of Production: Brazil / Argentina / U.S.A.

Gustavo Alves
Mario Coelho
Adrian Correa
Horacio Cruz
Dionisio Martins
Concallo Morales
Renato Morales
Josue Oliviera
Denis Torres

This scene doesn’t start like any other porn on the market from Alexander Pictures or any other label. This film starts with THE Alexander instructing his actors via a sign language interpreter. You also get a glimpse of a little bit of what happens in the making of a porn as we see how hard it is to train new employees. What’s more, this disk has the super sexy Alexander in an unprecedented behind-the-scenes extra that will tell you some of what you’ve always been curious about when it comes to the making of adult films.

SCENE 1: Horacio Cruz, Renato Morales, and Josue Oliviera
Seeing Alexander instruct a new photographer as to how to set lights and what he is looking for in the shots is intriguing to say the least. Evidently, though, not all photographers are as able to keep their minds on their work as Alexander is. Before long, Horacio Cruz and Josue Oliviera have Renato Morales hard pressed to keep his dick in his pants. You know, it’s hot in front of those lights. He needed to take his shirt off! Good thing for us he did, too. Really, Horacio wouldn’t be sated if only one cock got off because of his sexy asshole. He’s a butch bottom that takes all the dick he can get and Josue and Renato have plenty to give. Of course, Renato couldn’t let him get all the fun. He’s on his back with his pucker wrapped around Josue’s cock as fast as he can be. It coaxes out a lot of cum that would surely make it hard for him to finish his day, it seems. How will he explain those stains? Thankfully he’s cleaned up by the time Alexander gets back with his super beefy interpreter. And, wouldn’t you know it, he loves the pictures.

SCENE 2: Renato Morales and Dionisio Martins
Alexander and Renato open the scene on the beach in some sweet swim trunks. It could only be better if Alexander dropped those shorts and got a little deeper into his work. Short of that, seeing him and his buddy taking a break for a swim is pretty good foreplay for what is to come, so to speak. Once they are done, the next model has made his way to where they are. Dionisio Martins fills his own swim trunks out just right. Renato, being a visual artist, seems to notice. His trunks, which once held his dick just fine, suddenly don’t fit so well any more. His bone is trying to climb out of his pants and Dionisio’s actually does escape. Renato tries, but his cock is begging for attention and he gives in. Renato and Dionisio are both versatile and they enjoy swapping head and ass-fucking while they are supposed to be adding to the collection of photos from this shoot. The shoot they make, though, isn’t exactly what Alexander seemed to have meant. The problem with so much sex is that nap that follows. These guys curl up and Alexander finds them in the midst of an embrace. He’s not pissed, of course. Come on! There’s room for three in that bed.

SCENE 3: Dennis Torres, Adrian Correra, and Renato Morales
Again on the beach, Alexander is walking with his actors and his interpreter and telling the guys that Renato is going to take some film of Dennis Torres and Adrian Correra. Renato is quite agreeable. The guys are well into the photo shoot before the good stuff starts. Being committed to his art, Renato is willing to help with a little fluffing when some magazines don’t quite do the trick. The guys seem to enjoy his work. They both feed him some impressive dick before tearing his ass up. This time they all make a fast getaway without Alexander being any the wiser. When they meet up with him talking to “Muscles” on the beach, he sends them on their way and walks off into the sunset.

SCENE 4: Gustavo Alves and Renato Morales
Even if Gustavo Alves didn’t have that big cock in his fist, that smile of his would get a guy out of his pants faster than you would even think possible. Renato isn’t immune to his ways, either. He’s hardly shot any pics before his climbing out of his pants and onto Gustavo’s prick. It seems that Gustavo is a big fan of tearing up a sweet hole. Renato gives it to him on his knees his back and everywhere in between before Gustavo squirts his load into Renato’s pubes. Renato powers yet another load in his busy work schedule. It’s hard to be a photographer. It’s even harder to be a hard photographer.

SCENE 5: Mario Coelho, Renato Morales and Concallo Morales
Two more models meet Renato, Alexander and the sexy interpreter on the street to prepare for another shoot. Alexander explains to them that there is a new photographer after a brisk talk about how much time it’s taking Renato to get through the shoots. Renato, though, is determined to do right. The look on Concallo Morales’ face, though, makes it immediately obvious that he’s other things in mind and Mario Coelho doesn’t seem against the idea. Renato fails at yet another attempt to keep his dick in his pants and his hands to himself. He sucks dick like it’s the first he’s had in ages and then lets two more studs use his fuck hole to get themselves off before he drains his own nuts one last time.

This film is a fantastic glimpse of what it means to make super sexy porn with a language barrier not to mention an apprentice with an active sex drive. If you’ve been watching Alexander’s films all this time without knowing that he’s Deaf, now you know that the work you see as a product is the result of a painstaking process that includes multiple languages and multiple barriers. Painstaking? Maybe not quite that bad, but it is still work to communicate with everyone. Thanks, Alexander, for being willing to take one for the team and man up long enough to get through these grueling shoots. That was sarcasm, buddy. We are all actually just jealous.



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