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Raging Stallion Brendan Davies Colin Steele Derrick Hanson Element Eclipse Luke Davies Wilfried Knight Raging Stallion Brendan Davies Colin Steele Derrick Hanson Element Eclipse Luke Davies Wilfried Knight
Studio: Raging Stallion
Directed by: Chris Ward
Year of Production / Release: 2010
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Brendan Davies
Luke Davies
Element / Element Eclipse
Derrick Hanson
Wilfried Knight
Colin Steele

This is a limited DVD run–when it is sold out it will no longer be available in DVD format.

Here is a secret recipe for a massive explosion of Cum: Take six stunning beautiful men, add six rock hard throbbing cocks, then take a massive steel rod and fuck their piss holes like a savage fanatic! The end result is a torrent of raging semen that sprays out like a firehouse under pressure! All of you guys who are into sounding know what I am talking about–its a love/hate, pleasure/pain kind of erotic stimulation that creates the most intense orgasms known to man!
   Element Eclipse: This young stud is a pain pig in training–and he happens to have an 11 inch supercock that is one of the nicest penises in porn. In fact, its perfect with low hanging balls that bounce like eggs in purse and a thick, veiny tool that stays hard no matter how you torture it…you get the drift. What is amazing is that Element can take so much steel inside his dick! He’s not using just a little sound or a tiny toy–we are talking about long, rough, severe dick toys that make you wince when you see him plunging them rapid-fire down his open piss hole. Watch as he takes a long, ribbed rod and shoves it all the way down his dick–all 12 inches deep! This is one of the best solo sounding scenes we have ever filmed.
   Next we have a two way between Superstar Wilfried Knight and massive man Colin Steele. When you think of fetish movies, you don’t normally think of world class porn superstars with the kind of good looks that Wilfried has. So this scene is a treat if only for the quality of the men! But hot guys can be twisted, and Wilfried is one twisted fucker. Colin, on the other hand, has never really done sounding before–so this is his first time! Watch as he discovers over-the-top ecstasy for the first time! Its a wonder to behold–a sounding virgin taking his first rod. His dick will never be the same!
   Coverman Derrick Hanson–another superstar good looking GQ type stud, loves sounding–and catheter play! That’s right! He lays back to let us enjoy his muscled body, stroking his meant and rubbing his nipples–a fine man relaxing. He looks at the camera–after all, Derrick is first and foremost an exhibitionist. He knows you are watching and his dick is rock hard. He grabs a toy or two for some deep, aggressive sounding. The amazing action is more than enough to qualify as a Grade A sounding scene…But wait! there’s more! Derrick takes out a piss bag hooked up to a catheter! He pulls the sound out of his dick and then inserts the catheter all the way up into his gut–piss streams thru the clear tube and fills the bag! Its so intense that this finally wears Derrick out–his throbbing cock aching from the inside out! But Derrick loves it–that joyful warm sensation all the way up his piss tube. He grabs his dick and strokes like a crazed exhibitionist–looking at the camera as well as his own throbbing cock! Finally he lets go with the biggest orgasm you will ever see!
   This show stopper of a movie ends with real life boyfriends Brendan Davies and Luke Davies trying out sounding for the first time. Real life bodybuilders, these guys worship each other’s bodies–they have made a life of giving each other physical pleasure. They are into fisting, pissing, bondage….you name it. But they have never tried sounding. Watch as both studs shove thick, massive rods down their cocks in a display of mutual enjoyment that will leave you exhausted!


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