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Titan Men SUBMIT Titan Men SUBMIT

Studio: Titan Media / Titan Rough
Directed by: Paul Wilde
Year of Production / Release: 2011
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Leo Forte
Ethan Hudson
Cavin Knight
Wilfried Knight
Shay Michaels
Xavier St. Jude

SCENE 1: Wilfried Knight fucks and pisses on Cavin Knight
SCENE 2: Ethan Hudson fucks and dildo-fucks Xavier St. Jude
SCENE 3: Leo Forte fucks and torments Shay Michaels

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If the exchange of power between two hot and horny men gets you sweating, you’ll want to give it up to Submit, the latest title in TitanMen’s ROUGH fetish series. SUBMIT features the rough and ready men you can only find at TitanMen, engaged in the twisted pig play – ropes, chains, big toys, electro play and hot wax scenes – you’ve come to expect from boundary-pushing director Paul Wilde.
   Handsome, hairy-chested Wilfried Knight binds up the hard smooth torso of Calvin Knight in a rope harness, before dominating Calvin with his thick uncut cock, pounding his perfect ass before spraying him down with a geyser of piss.
   Thick-muscled Ethan Hudson fucks the bearded, blindfolded face of Xavier St. Jude till he’s choking, then ties him to a wooden chair where he teases Xavier with a silicone jack-off sleeve and a big ridged dildo, before finally bending him over, spraying him with piss and taking his captive ass.
   Leo Forte ties muscle man Shay Michaels to a suspended bench, bringing him to the edge of pleasure and pain with an electro wand and hot candle wax. His stream of piss triggers Shay’s own until the bound man is drenched. Turned on by Shay’s eager submission, Leo shoves his thick uncut pipe up Shay’s furry muscled ass and drills him till they both spew cum.

Titan Men SUBMIT
SCENE 1: Wilfried Knight fucks and pisses on Cavin Knight
The action kicks off with a tale of two Knights; tall, dark and swarthy Wilfried Knight leads Calvin Knight in by a dog leash. Calvin, in a leather jock and gas mask, obediently stands at attention as Wilfried wraps the inked sides of Calvin’s tight smooth torso in a rope harness, before pushing him down on all fours. Wilfried manhandles Calvin’s smooth pink hole, yanking on the harness as he rims, slaps, and fingers Calvin’s perfect ass, cheeks glistening with sweat and lube. Calvin grunts and moans through the gas mask as Wilfriend grinds his cock balls deep into Calvin’s slick eager hole. Wilfried’s hairy chest drips with sweat as he fucks Calvin like a captive animal, flipping him on his back and slamming into his open hole again. Wilfried pulls out, then pisses all over Calvin’s masked face and ripped chest, soaking him completely before ripping off the mask and exposing Calvin’s handsome face. Wilfried forces his turgid pipe into the bottom’s mouth and fucks his face with his thick uncut pipe, Calvin soaked now in piss and sweat and spit. Finally Wilfried pushes Calvin back on the bench and shoots a massive wad of cum all over the bottom’s tight chest, pushing Calvin over the edge into his own volcanic cum-spewing frenzy.

Titan Men SUBMIT
SCENE 2: Ethan Hudson fucks and dildo-fucks Xavier St. Jude
Hairy-chested Xavier St Jude, blindfolded in a red bandana, kneels in jeans and boots before Ethan Hudson, deep-throating the top’s thick pipe. Ethan, in rubber chaps that hug his muscled thighs, confidently yanks the bottom’s chain collar, guiding Xavier’s mouth from his cock to his balls to his hole. Ethan pushes Xavier onto a wooden chair and ties his hands behind him with rope, kissing him and playing rough with Xavier’s nips. . Then Ethan lubes up a silicone sleeve and slides it down over Xavier’s hard cock. jacking him, alternating quick and slow strokes and bringing the bound bottom to the edge over and over as he whispers a stream of filth into Xavier’s ears. Ethan slowly pushes it in deeper, the toy’s girth thickening in sections, Xavier’s long, constant moan letting Ethan know his gratitude. Ethan plays with Xavier’s greedy hole, then jacks him again with the silicone sleeve until the bottom’s cries turn violent, jets of cum bursting from his cock, his entire bound body convulsing in ecstasy. But Ethan’s nowhere near finished, and he ties Xavier bent over the chair, then aims a full geyser of piss all over Xavier’s back and ass, soaking his hole like a stallion before pushing the wet cock into Xavier’s mouth, then slamming it up Xavier’s primed hole, pounding him and reveling in the bottom’s loud groans of pleasure. Xavier, still blindolded and bound to the chair, his legs shuddering, can do nothing but take the cock plowing relentlessly in and out of his hole. Ethan jacks himself with the lubed sleeve until he sprays his cum all over the floor, then finally pulls the bandana off Xavier so they can swap spit, both sweaty, spent, and satisfied.

Titan Men SUBMIT
SCENE 3: Leo Forte fucks and torments Shay Michaels
Dark and handsome Leo Forte has Shay Michaels tied to a hanging bench. Leo runs a violet wand over Shay’s hairy muscled pecs, tiny jolts sparking between the wand and his sensitive nips. Leo pulls off Shay’s rubber jock, exposing Shay’s gorgeous thick, curved cock, already hard from Leo’s attention. Wanting to push his bottom farther, Leo takes a candle and slowly drips wax all over Shay’s torso, Shay grunting “Fuck!” as the hot white wax drips and hardens on his muscles. Leo hoists up Shay’s legs and ties his boots to the hanging chains before pulling out his own impressive cock, pushing his foreskin down while dousing Shay’s cock, balls, and hole with jets of piss. His arms still tied, Shay’s cock erupts in a piss-geyser, that Leo aims at Shay’s face and then back into his own mouth, the two of them completely soaked now. Leo pulls off his leather jock and shoves it Shay’s face as he rims the bound bottom’s hole, pushing a finger, then three fingers between Shay’s furry cheeks. Leo slides right in and slams the round muscled ass tied up beneath him, gripping onto Shay’s hard cock, pulling him on the swinging bench so that Shay’s tight hole slides up and down the full length of his big pipe. “You like that hole?” Shay asks him between moans of pleasure as Leo pile-drives his ass. Leo fucks the cum out of the grunting Shay, jacking him off as he sprays all over his chest and abs. Brought to the edge, Leo pulls out and spews thick ropes of cum all over Shay, hitting his face, chest, and cock.


*** Highly Recommended ***


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