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Studio: Titan Media
Directed by: Brian Mills
Year of Production / Release: 2011
Country of Production: U.S.A.

David Anthony
Aymeric DeVille
Wilfried Knight
Shay Michaels
Lance Navarro
Spencer Reed
Alessio Romero

SCENE 1: Spencer Reed and Lance Navarro spit-roast Alessio Romero
SCENE 2: Wilfried Knight fucks and dildo-fucks Aymeric Deville
SCENE 3: David Anthony fucks and sounds Shay Michaels

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Got gear? Titan Media brings you the latest twisted kink title, FULL FETISH: The Men of RECON. TitanMen exclusives David Anthony and Aymeric Deville lead hot and horny gear gods Spencer Reed, Alessio Romero, Lance Navarro, Wilfried Knight, and Shay Michaels in over 180 minutes of piss-spraying, ass-pounding, cum-flying action.
   Bodybuilder Spencer Reed and the handsome, scruffy Lance Navarro take dark and hairy Alessio Romero through the paces, coating him with piss then taking turns fucking his ass with their impressive tools. Then Alessio gets his revenge, teaming up on Lance with Spencer for some fucking and fisting you’ve got to see to believe.
   Sultry, hairy-chested Wilfried Knight soaks the shaved-head of Aymeric Deville before fucking his smooth tight ass against a St. Andrew’s Cross, opening him up enough for a massive dildo.
   Muscle man Shay Michaels submits to ripped David Anthony and his huge cock, in an intense sweat-dripping scene of piss, cum, ass-plowing, and sounding.

SCENE 1: Spencer Reed, Alessio Romero, and Lance Navarro
Alessio Romero and Lance Navarro grapple in wrestling singlets while Spencer Reed spars with a punching bag nearby. Lance gets Alessio in a headlock, and Spencer grabs the chance to join in, marking the dueling wrestlers with a full stream of piss, soaking their tight muscles. Alessio, arms pinned by Lance, greedily drinks the piss, before swallowing each of their monster-size cocks. Spencer blasts the first of his cum rockets all over Lance, which triggers Alessio’s and Lance’s own spewing loads. Egged on by Lance, Spencer slides his hard powertool into Alessio’s upturned ass. Alessio grunts as Spencer teases him, pulling his cock all the way out before slamming it back in, holding tight to Alessio’s neck and pummeling him. Lance and Spencer pig-roast Alessio, deep-dicking him in both holes. “It’s your turn,” Spencer tells Lance, pushing him down, legs raised head, and shoving his meat into Lance’s hole. Spencer and Alessio take it to the finish line, spraying double loads over Lance’s handsome face and lean muscles. Still hungry for more, Lance opens his hole for Alessio’s greased fingers, moaning as he tries to take Alessio’s entire fist. Then Lance struggles to take Spencer’s meatier mitt, his cries of pleasure filling up the room. Spencer and Alessio take turns claiming Lance’s hole with their fists as Lance strokes his enormous shaft all the way to eruption.

SCENE 2: Aymeric Deville and Wilfried Knight
Wilfried Knight, in a rubber harness apron and long rubber gloves, ties Aymeric Deville to a St. Andrew’s Cross. Wilfried kneels down and sucks on Aymeric’s impossibly huge knob, roughly manhandling his balls and thick cockring..
   Released from the cross, Aymeric drops down to his knees to pay some respect to his top, opening his mouth for Wilfried’s impressive uncut meat. Wilfried sprays a geyser of piss all over Aymeric’s face and chest, completely soaking the kneeling stud. Fixing his hot mouth around Wilfried’s piss-wet cock, Aymeric blasts his first thick load all over his wet rubber singlet, pushing Wilfried over the edge, too. Wilfried spins Aymeric around and straps Aymeric’s leg up to the cross, Aymeric’s assless singlet giving him perfect access to his smooth puckered hole. Wilfried slides a massive butt plug in and out of Aymeric’s hole before slicking up his cock and pushing balls-deep into Aymeric’s captive ass. Wilfried feeds Aymeric’s hungry hole an enormous ridged dildo, working it inch by inch inside. Wilfried plunges his uncut meat back into Aymeric’s ass and plows him until Aymeric sprays his thick wad everywhere. Wilfried pushes him down on his knees, aiming his load all over Aymeric’s smooth hard chest and abs, then pisses all over him again, Aymeric thirstily drinking down Wilfried’s forceful stream.

SCENE 3: David Anthony and Shay Michaels
Handsome David Anthony, ripped and stern in a rubber harness and chaps, teases the thick-muscled, hairy-chested Shay Michaels, down on his knees in a rubber jock and gas mask. David slaps his gargantuan cock against Shay’s mask, before unzipping it to let Shay feast on his amazing piece of meat. Shay’s obedient, eager mouth sends David over the edge, and he covers Shay’s hard chest and abs with a thick coating of cum, as Shay blows his load all over the floor. Then David bends Shay over a sling and plays with his round hairy ass, before sliding his massive meat up Shay’s muscle hole. After a good hard fuck, David pulls out and sprays jets of piss all over Shay’s broad back and ass, wetting him down completely. Shay pisses all over his bondage boots before David straps him into the sling, tying his cuffed arms up to the chains. “You ready to get fucked again?” David says. Shay begs for it as David shoves a couple of fingers up his slick hole, before ramming his tool up Shay’s willing ass, rocking him back and forth in the sling, David’s ripped abs contorting in pleasure as he fucks the muscle stud under his control. David unties one of Shay’s hands so he can stroke his meat while getting his ass pounded, ramming away until they both erupt again, blasting thick ropes of cum all over his Shay’s abs. With Shay still in the sling, David slicks up a metal sound and slowly works it into Shay’s piss-slit. Shay grunts in apprehensive pleasure, barely able to look at his own cock as David pulls the sound from his shaft. David releases Shay from the sling, puts him down on his knees, and pisses straight into Shay’s open mouth. Shay moans as he pisses a full river out of his now-tender cock, wetting David’s boots and the floor beneath them.


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