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Hot House Entertainment TAKE ME TO GRIPLAND Adrian Hart Arad Winwin Austin Avery Dillon Diaz Nic Sahara Devin Franco Johnny Ford

Studio: Hot House Entertainment
Directed by: Trenton Ducati
Year of Production / Release: 2020
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Austin Avery
Johnny Ford
Devin Franco
Adrian Hart
Nic Sahara
Arad Winwin

Within the walls of the infamous, bareback Hot House Studios, lies a studio space where horny stars, lustful crew hands and bulging directors say, ‘TAKE ME TO GRIPLAND’. Director’s Trenton Ducati and Jasun Mark capture seven horny studs getting off on a porn set between takes. When the scene wraps, crew hands Austin Avery and Arad Winwin sneak off to fuck on some studio equipment. While building the set for the next movie, Nic Sahara and Adrian Hart get horny and decide to take out their sexual tensions on each other’s hole. Austin Avery is scouting shoot locations with director Dillon Diaz when the rehearsal turns into the real deal leaving both of their sacks drained. New hire Devin Franco helps Johnny Ford clean up the studio for the next movie and both studs end up breeding each other’s holes in the process. Watch the steamy ins and outs of working on a porn set and witness what really goes down behind the scenes in ‘TAKE ME TO GRIPLAND’.

Arad Winwin fucks Austin Avery Hot House Entertainment TAKE ME TO GRIPLAND
SCENE 1: Arad Winwin fucks Austin Avery

Muscle-hunks Arad Winwin and Austin Avery are two of the best grips in the biz, working on the set of the next hot gay porn. When the director yells “cut”, Austin sets down his boom mic and reaches for Arad’s cock growing in his shorts. Arad picks up on Austin’s advances and bends him over some equipment to eat his smooth hole. Austin wants a taste of Arad so he sinks to his knees and works over every inch of Arad’s meaty pole. With Arad’s cock slick with spit, Austin bends over and lets Arad enter his warm center. Both glistening with sweat, Arad shows no mercy on Austin’s hole as he drills the smooth stud’s prostate. As Austin is getting his hole pounded, he and Arad are unaware they are being watched by another horned-up crew member. Laid out on his back, Austin takes every pump until Arad fucks a load out of him. Austin’s ass is too tight for Arad to hold back as he explodes with a massive load all over Austin’s hole before shoving his pole back in for more.

Nic Sahara & Adrian Hart flip-fuck Hot House Entertainment TAKE ME TO GRIPLAND
SCENE 2: Nic Sahara & Adrian Hart flip-fuck

Adrian Hart and Nic Sahara are hard at work in the porn studio preparing for the next movie. Nic decides it’s time for a break, and he goes for it with Adrian Hart, who doesn’t resist. As the clothes hit the floor of the shop, Adrian is the first to get his mouth filled with Nic’s uncut cock. After fucking Adrian’s mouth, Nic bends him over and tongue-fucks his smooth crack. Nic wants to get deeper so he stands behind Adrian and slides his uncut rod deep inside Adrian’s hole. After taking it in multiple positions, Adrian wants to be in control. Nic lays back and Adrian goes in full force, pushing his cock deep into Nic’s asshole. Adrian picks up the pace, drilling Nic’s hole. The relentless bareback pounding pushes Adrian over the edge, and he empties his sack all over Nic’s cock, while an unknown crew member looks on out of sight. With his cock covered in cum, Nic lets out thick ropes that cover his tatted stomach.

Dillon Diaz fucks Austin Avery Hot House Entertainment TAKE ME TO GRIPLAND
SCENE 3: Dillon Diaz fucks Austin Avery

Crew member Austin Avery is scouting around the studio for new spots to shoot a scene with director Dillon Diaz. When they find what they’re looking for, they start to mimic what will happen in the scene to make sure it will work. The rehearsal quickly turns into the real deal when Austin ends up on his knees sucking Dillon’s fat cock. After the slurping, Dillon returns the favor, licking every inch of Austin’s cock, balls and hole. Dillon slides his fingers in and out of Austin before gliding his raw cock deep into the crew hands ass. Now starring in the scene, Austin takes an intense bareback fuck in multiple positions before ending up on his back. As the director beats on Austin’s prostate with his cock, Austin strokes his dick until a hefty load covers his abs. Seeing Austin covered in jizz makes Dillon ready to shoot his own cum shot as he adds his cream to the sticky mix.

Devin Franco & Johnny Ford flip-fuck Hot House Entertainment TAKE ME TO GRIPLAND
SCENE 4: Devin Franco & Johnny Ford flip-fuck

Johnny Ford is working on cleaning up the porn studio to get it ready for the next movie. He yells over to new hire Devin Franco to come help him. In the middle of putting stuff away, Johnny makes a move and reaches for Devin’s bulge. Devin is eager to prove he loves his new job as he pulls Johnny’s shorts to his ankles and starts to suck his cock. Spit is streaming down Devin’s chin as he deepthroats Johnny’s uncut pole. Johnny makes sure to return the favor before bending Devin over and eating out his smooth hole. After prepping Devin’s ass with his tongue, Johnny works in his raw, uncut pole deep into Devin’s fuck-hole. Taking it bareback and doggy-style, Devin welcomes every inch Johnny can give before switching it up and bending Johnny over to fuck his ass. Devin puts Johnny on his back and rails his hole until he shoots a thick load from his rock-hard dick. When it’s Johnny’s turn to cum, Devin slides back inside Johnny’s hole and keeps pumping until Johnny spills out a thick load onto his abs.


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