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Hot House Entertainment TOWEL BOY Cade Maddox Andy Taylor Max Konnor Dylan Hayes Logan Cross Austin Avery Arad Winwin Tristan Hunter

Studio: Hot House Entertainment
Directed by: Jasun Mark & Trenton Ducati
Year of Production / Release: 2021
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Austin Avery
Logan Cross
Dylan Hayes
Tristan Hunter
Max Konnor
Cade Maddox
Andy Taylor
Arad Winwin

Hidden in the scorching desert of Palm Springs, you’ll find a full-service, exclusive men’s spa where an eager ‘Towel Boy’ is ready to satisfy your every need. Soak up the sun and all of the bareback cum with co-directors Trenton Ducati and Jasun Mark, and their sizzling roster of eight horny California hunks. As Cade Maddox is getting a massage from Andy Taylor, they take a break to breed Andy’s smooth hole. Dylan Hayes has just started his job at Max Konnor’s resort, and is eager to prove with his mouth and hole that he’s the right boy for the job. Logan Cross catches up to Austin Avery in the gym and gets his ass bred on the equipment. Massage therapist Arad Winwin helps Logan Cross with an injury before taking off his clothes and stretching his ass. Make your way to this exclusive, “full-service” spa, and let every ‘Towel Boy’ deliver their pleasures.

Cade Maddox fucks Andy Taylor Hot House Entertainment TOWEL BOY
SCENE 1: Cade Maddox fucks Andy Taylor

Andy Taylor is helping Cade Maddox work out some kinks in his defined, muscled back with some deep massage. When it’s time to work on his front side, Cade flips over to reveal his rock-hard cock swinging in Andy’s face. Without hesitating, Andy smiles and wraps his lips around Cade’s girthy pole, working it down to the base. Cade gives Andy’s throat a break and bends the smooth twunk over to massage his hairless hole with his tongue. When Andy takes a few fingers with ease, Cade knows it’s time Andy’s ass can take what he has to deliver. With only spit for lube, Cade glides his thick pole deep into Andy bareback and doggy style. Andy takes a deep, prostate drilling from Cade’s hefty meat before ending up on his back, getting his load fucked out of him. With Andy covered in jizz, Cade shoots his cum all over Andy’s spent ass and slides his huge cock back in again.

Max Konnor fucks Dylan Hayes Hot House Entertainment TOWEL BOY
SCENE 2: Max Konnor fucks Dylan Hayes

Dylan Hayes just started his new job as the ‘Towel Boy’ at Max Konnor’s exclusive resort. As Max tells Dylan about all of the services his establishment offers, he’s curious to see what kind of services Dylan is willing to provide. Max pulls his swimsuit down to show Dylan his huge dick. Dylan is eager to prove he wants the job, so he wraps his lips around Max’s massive cock and gets to work. Dylan does all he can to get his mouth down to the base of Max’s rod before getting bent over and eaten out by Max’s talented tongue. Max takes his time savoring Dylan’s hole before he begins to work his monster meat in and pound his hole. Max holds his bottom in place as he continues to pummel his tight hole bareback. Switching positions, Dylan lays back to feel the full force of Max until he slathers Dylan’s ass with his warm load. When it’s Dylan’s turn, he sits back and strokes his cock until his glistening abs are covered in jizz.

Austin Avery fucks Logan Cross Hot House Entertainment TOWEL BOY
SCENE 3: Austin Avery fucks Logan Cross

Fit stud Austin Avery is in the gym, getting a great pump in. When Logan Cross comes to the gym to offer a towel for Austin to wipe off with, Austin offers up his cock for Logan to suck. After throating Austin’s impressive cock, Logan bends over to give Austin and his dick total access to his ass. Austin starts off with a lengthy rimjob before mounting up and fucking Logan’s butt bareback. Logan arches his back and takes every pump that Austin is delivering to his hole. Austin takes a quick break from pounding Logan’s hole to feed him the cock that was just up his ass. After deepthroating Austin and going ass to mouth, Logan gets on his back, spread eagle to get fucked until his load spills out all over himself. Then, Austin follows closely behind with a thick load to Logan’s cheeks.

Arad Winwin fucks Logan Cross Hot House Entertainment TOWEL BOY
SCENE 4: Arad Winwin fucks Logan Cross

‘Towel Boy’ Logan Cross is replenishing the towels in massage therapist Arad Winwin’s room in between clients. When Logan explains a recent injury, Arad has Logan get on the table for a quick massage. As Arad rubs his shoulders, Logan is face to face with Arad’s thick bulge. Seizing the opportunity, Logan reaches out and pulls down Arad’s shorts to reveal his massive uncut cock. Logan instantly wraps his lips around and gets to work servicing Arad’s pole. Arad returns the favor with a sopping wet hummer, before bending Logan over and treating his hole to the same oral pleasure. With his hole slick with spit, Logan invites Arad to slide his dick deep inside. Logan’s eyes roll back as Arad pounds his prostate bareback from behind. They get hot and heavy in numerous satisfying positions with Logan ending on his back getting his load pounded out of him, which Arad follows by blasting Logan’s hole with a thick coat of cum.

Max Konnor fucks Tristan Hunter Hot House Entertainment TOWEL BOY
SCENE 5: Max Konnor fucks Tristan Hunter

Max Konnor is getting home from a long day at work when he finds his partner Tristan Hunter, enjoying a swim in their pool. Eager to help his man relax from the busy day, Tristan offers to suck Max’s cock poolside. Max agrees and Tristan fills his mouth with Max’s massive member. Tristan satisfies his oral fixation as he makes his way from Max’s cock to his hole. After receiving his rimming, Max returns the favor tongue-fucking Tristan’s ass. Bent over the pool, Tristan spreads his ass and takes Max’s entire cock deep in his ass bareback. From doggy-style to missionary, Max stretches out Tristan’s tight ass, pleasuring him with every inch. The poolside pounding continues until Tristan erupts with a hefty load that covers his abs. Max pulls out and shoots his cum all over Tristan’s satisfied hole.


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