studio / film series: IconMale

Nica Noelle Iconmale Gay Porn Star THE STEPFATHER

Studio: Iconmale
Directed by: Nica Noelle
Year of Production / Release: 2014
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Brian Davilla
Ian Levine
Connor Maguire
Adam Russo
Casey Tanner

Closeted, middle-aged CEO Adam is engaged to be married to a beautiful woman, but when he meets his fiancee’s teenage son Casey Tanner, his secret gay desires become stronger than ever. Can Adam resist the charms of his slender-bodied, pretty blonde stepson? Or will Casey’s controlling boyfriend Connor Maguire expose Adam’s web of deceit first?

Nica Noelle Iconmale Gay Porn Star SCENE 1: Connor Maguire fucks Casey Tanner
SCENE 1: Connor Maguire fucks Casey Tanner
Casey Tanner’s mom is in the kitchen cooking dinner for her son and his new ‘friend’ Connor Maguire. She explains to her new husband, Adam Russo, that Casey is gay, and hopes this doesn’t change the way he feels about his new son. Casey arrives back home with Connor, and the two rush up to Casey’s bedroom to start fooling around. Casey removes Connor’s shirt and kisses down his body until he gets to his jeans. Casey eagerly starts sucking his boyfriend’s dick, getting him hard so that Connor can plow him on the bed. Casey moans softly so that his mom and stepfather don’t hear what the boys are doing, and his toes curl with pleasure at the feeling of Connor’s thick shaft inside of him. The two fuck all over the bed until they both climax at the same time.

Nica Noelle Iconmale Gay Porn Star SCENE 2: Brian Davilla fucks Ian Levine
SCENE 2: Brian Davilla fucks Ian Levine
Adam Russo sits his soon-to-be stepson Casey Tanner down to try and bond with him before he marries Casey’s mother. Casey goes into his room and receives a phone call from his friend Ian Levine, who just got in from fucking his much older physics professor, Brian Davilla. The two met up at a hotel, careful not to get caught because Brian could be fired over their affair. They begin their tryst by kissing and feeling each other up on the bed, slowly removing their clothes as things got steamy. Ian teases Brian’s dick before taking it out and stuffing it as far as it can go inside his throat. When Brian’s dick is ready, Ian slides the thick meat into his tight young hole. Hairy bear Brian fucks twinky Ian hard on the bed, stuffing his face into the bedsheets. Ian flips over and Brian teases his ass, licking his pink asshole until he’s ready for round two. Brain can’t take the buildup anymore and he finishes on his hairy stomach. Back on the phone call, Ian tells Casey he should try an older man sometime.

Nica Noelle Iconmale Gay Porn Star SCENE 3: Connor Maguire fucks Adam Russo
SCENE 3: Connor Maguire fucks Adam Russo
Boyfriends Connor Maguire and Casey Tanner have a fight on the phone because Casey is spending all his time with his future stepdad Adam Russo, and not in bed with Connor. Connor decides to show up at Casey’s house when he’s away at school to talk to Adam in person. Things get heated as Connor starts threatening to expose Adam’s dark secret unless he sucks Connor’s dick. Connor knows that Adam is gay too, and that he’s just lying to himself and Casey’s family. Connor pushes Adam down on his knees and shoves his dick into his mouth. Adam tried to protest, but finds himself giving into the beautiful boy. Connor makes him stand, rips open his shirt and tosses his pants down on the ground. Adam gets so turned on that he begs Connor to go down on his dick again. Adam arches up his back and lets Connor plow him on the bed, something Adam has only ever fantasized about, and they don’t stop until both men have fully satisfied their hunger.

Nica Noelle Iconmale Gay Porn Star SCENE 4: Adam Russo fucks Casey Tanner
SCENE 4: Adam Russo fucks Casey Tanner
Casey Tanner is pouting because Adam Russo has been avoiding their guy’s nights because of the guilt he feels in hooking up with Casey’s boyfriend, Connor Maguire. Adam apologizes and the two stare at each other, contemplating their next move. Casey stands up and leans in to kiss his future stepfather. They give in to their passions, and slowly, articles of clothing start to get removed. Casey takes out Adam’s dick and starts taking the length into his throat while his stepfather thrusts. Adam then starts licking and kissing Casey all over his smooth body, ending up at his hard cock. After sucking him, Adam eagerly goes down on Casey’s sweet asshole, and fingers him until he’s ready to take Adam’s dick inside him. They both moan together on the bed, finally giving into the desire for each other, until Casey comes all over himself. Casey finishes Adam off and they share another deep kiss.


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