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Titan Media / Titan Fresh Richie Oldmann Titan Fresh SCREEN TEST | Randy Scott Luke Taylor Marco Mark Kamil Fox George Pesco Danny Vacek Tom Cartman Brian Brower Atticus Aron Titan Media / Titan Fresh Richie Oldmann Titan Fresh SCREEN TEST | Randy Scott Luke Taylor Marco Mark Kamil Fox George Pesco Danny Vacek Tom Cartman Brian Brower Atticus Aron

Studio: Titan Media / Titan Fresh
Directed by: Richie Oldmann
Year of Production / Release: 2009
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Atticus Aron / Ben Lamar
Brian Brower
Tom Cartman
Marco Mark [Kamil Fox]
George Pesco
Randy Scott
Luke Taylor
Danny Vacek

In Screen Test, it’s a cold winter’s afternoon at muscle stud Marco Mark’s country lodge, but things heat up as a group of horny young studs come in out of the cold and head straight for Marco’s casting couch for some intense ass banging, cock sucking, spunk spewing fun.
   Marco pairs up cute Luke Taylor and Randy Scott and shoots a hot video with Luke riding Randy’s meaty cock in every possible position until Randy’s hot ass hammering makes Luke cum all over himself.
   Marco and studly George Pesco spring a pair of juicy boners as they watch the video and promptly start throat fucking each other. When big dicked muscle stud Danny Vacek shows up, Marco and George turn him into the center of a meaty fuck sandwich, taking turns nailing Danny’s ass until they fuck the spunk right out of him and coat him with their own sticky wads.
   Last but not least, hard-bodied hunks Tom Cartman, Brian Brower and Atticus Aron show up, strip naked and plug each other’s holes with their giant fuckpoles until they blast their jizz everywhere.

Titan Media / Titan Fresh Richie Oldmann SCREEN TEST
SCENE 1: Randy Scott and Luke Taylor
After George Pesco shows up at Marco Mark’s country lodge to audition for Marco’s porn shoot, the two guys watch a video that Marco’s shot of smooth, tight-bodied Luke Taylor and Randy Scott sucking face, chewing on each other’s nips and grinding their cocks together in front of a fire place. Luke and Randy strip and swallow each other’s dicks before heading to a couch, where Luke eats Randy’s beefy, hairy ass while Randy strokes his shaft. Randy drives his cock up Luke’s ass from behind, then sits back and gives Luke the ride of his life on his pole. Luke flips on his back while Randy holds his legs high and wide and fucks the cum clear out of him, then Randy pulls out of Luke’s ass and blasts his spunk all over Luke’s thighs.

Titan Media / Titan Fresh Richie Oldmann SCREEN TEST
SCENE 2: Marco Mark, George Pesco and Danny Vacek
Marco and George are all horned up after watching Luke and Randy go at it; they go out to the lodge’s entry hall, where George drops to his knees and swallows Marco’s meaty member. Soon, muscle stud Danny Vacek appears at the top of the stairs and joins them. George goes back and forth swallowing both their cocks until Marco and Danny blast cum all over George’s smooth torso. As George rubs their cum all over his torso, he strokes his dick until his load sprays out all over the carpet. The three go upstairs to a bedroom where they jump in bed and start sucking face; George strokes Danny’s cock while Marco massages Danny’s muscular chest. Marco and George position Danny on his back so Marco can dig deep into Danny’s hole with his tongue and fingers. George stuffs Danny’s face with his dick while Marco crams his cock up Danny’s ass; Marco and George ultimately shoot their cum all over Danny as Danny strokes his cock and blasts his own load.

Titan Media / Titan Fresh Richie Oldmann SCREEN TEST
SCENE 3: Tom Cartman, Brian Brower and Atticus Aron
When muscular Tom Cartman, cute Brian Brower and tall and tattooed Atticus Aron arrive, Marco asks them to put on a show for him; the three head to the solarium, strip to their briefs, grind their throbbing cocks together, get fully naked and take turns gagging on each other’s fat, uncut cocks. Brian stands on a bench and feeds Atticus his dick while Tom devours Atticus’ uncut meat. Tom and Atticus stand on the bench stuffing Brian’s face with their dicks, eventually spraying Brian’s hard ripped pecs with their jizz. They head to another room, where Tom kneels on a couch; Atticus eats out Tom’s ass while Brian feeds him his massive cock. Brian pounds Tom’s furry, beefy ass from behind while Atticus crams Tom’s hungry throat with dick, then Tom fucks Atticus while Brian spears Atticus’ throat. Brian takes a turn fucking Atticus from behind while Atticus sucks Tom’s shaft, then Atticus flips on his back with Brian continuing to pump his cock into Atticus’s ass. Tom dumps his load all over Atticus’s chest while Brian yanks out of his ass and spunks all over Atticus’s legs. Coated in cum, Atticus strokes his cock and blasts a load of jizz all over himself to mix in with the rest.


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