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Titan Men Brian Mills EYE CONTACT Marco Blaze Dean Flynn Tony Buff Christopher Saint Jay Roberts Titan Men Brian Mills EYE CONTACT Marco Blaze Dean Flynn Tony Buff Christopher Saint Jay Roberts

Studio: Titan Media
Directed by: Brian Mills
Year of Production / Release: 2009
Country of Production: U.S.A.

David Anthony
Marco Blaze
Tony Buff
David Dakota
Dean Flynn
Gio Forte
Jay Roberts
Christopher Saint

SCENE 1: Marco Blaze and Dean Flynn flip-fuck
SCENE 2: Tony Buff pisses on and then fucks Christopher Saint
SCENE 3: Gio Forte fucks Jay Roberts
SCENE 4: David Anthony fucks David Dakota

A knowing glance, a subtle stare, a receptive gaze…we all know that sex starts with Eye Contact. Chance encounters turn combustible as eight studs—led by TitanMen exclusives David Anthony, Marco Blaze, Tony Buff, Dean Flynn and Christopher Saint—put on a pulse-raising peep show. Admit it: You love to watch. Go ahead…we won’t tell.
   A private moment in the woods turns into a heated encounter when Dean Flynn gets cruised by Marco Blaze, leading to a spirited flip fuck.
   Businessman Tony Buff has some big packages — and is soon surprised by the kindness of stranger Christopher Saint, who lends expert service.
   The big and hairy muscles of tan tree-trimmer Gio Forte are too much for smooth Jay Roberts to ignore, leading to a passionate pairing that bursts off the screen.
   Wannabe thief David Dakota gets more than he bargained for when he gets caught in the act by the chiseled David Anthony, who dishes out an unforgettable lesson.
   (NOTE: Scene breakdown reflects DVD. Eye Contact is also available on Bluray™, which offers option of viewing version with additional watersports content. Blu-ray™ also offers additional previews.)

Titan Men Brian Mills EYE CONTACT
SCENE 1: Marco Blaze and Dean Flynn
Wandering through the woods, Marco Blaze stumbles upon a pissing Dean Flynn—and soon joins in the release as the two catch each other’s eyes. Dean gets closer to the voyeur and the two kiss before heading to a clearing, shedding their clothes as they passionately embrace. Dean drops down to feast on Marco’s thick uncut cock, which is bursting out of his briefs. The energetic sequence is filled with wet slurps, foreskin nibbling, dick whipping and kissing as the two stars put on a cocksucking clinic that continues when Marco drops to his knees for a face fuck, his own massive boner twitching in excitement. The two squirt on each other’s chests and lick up their own loads before heading inside for a bedroom romp by the fireplace. Marco offers his bubble butt for munching, a warm-up to the heated fuck Dean delivers—action caught in beautiful aerial shots. Dean then sits down on Marco’s slab, bouncing up and down before getting on his back for more—and flashing a gorgeous smile as Marco pounds away. Two more loads coat Dean’s chest as the pairing of porn titans comes to a close.

Titan Men Brian Mills EYE CONTACT
SCENE 2: Tony Buff and Christopher Saint
Businessman Tony Buff has a hard time managing his big packages. But thanks to the kindness of passerby Christopher Saint, he gets them into his building—where the lingering stranger sets his sights on more friendly service. All it takes is one flash of Christopher’s smile for Tony to move in for a kiss, their 5 o’clock shadows grazing each other. Christopher’s shirt comes off to reveal a stunning body that Tony rubs before pulling out his bud’s uncut cock. Christopher drops to his knees to help with another big package, his neck veins bulging as he gags while deepthroating Tony. The two switch positions and Tony feasts on Christopher’s foreskin before getting gagged himself in a forceful face fuck that has him gasping for air. After 69ing, the two shoot their first round of loads before Christopher offers his hairy ass. Tony eats out the bottom and fucks him from behind, but the scene’s hottest shot follows: Christopher sits down on Tony’s cock and rides like a champion, his beautiful body captured in full as his own boner frantically bobs around. He then gets on his back for more, the two working up a sweat before squirting again.

Titan Men Brian Mills EYE CONTACT
SCENE 3: Gio Forte and Jay Roberts
While trimming a tree, Gio Forte—his big, tan and hairy muscles glistening in the great outdoors—gets cruised by smooth and toned Jay Roberts, who lounges on the porch. Gio takes a break and approaches his admirer, offering his bulge for attention as the two smile at each other. Jay gets out of his chair and drops to his knees to feast on Gio’s throbber, the two kissing throughout as their passion ignites the screen. Gio cradles Jay’s head and pumps his face before returning the favor, sucking on Jay’s big uncut meat. The first set of cumshots are a beauty— not just because Gio lets out one of his trademark gushers, but because the closeness of the two (Gio crouches down on Jay’s leg, Jay touches Gio’s massive quad) is intense. The two move into the bedroom, where Gio buries his beard into Jay’s ass as his muffled moans fill the room. The smiling Gio delivers a masterful fuck, frequently alternating his tempo and grabbing on to Jay’s waist with his hairy forearms as the two groan in pleasure. The ending—including another monster squirt from Gio and a passionate kiss—caps off an unforgettable scene.

Titan Men Brian Mills EYE CONTACT
SCENE 4: David Anthony with David Dakota
While working on his roof, tall and tan David Anthony—whose smooth, muscular body is of Greek God proportions—becomes the victim of potential thief David Dakota, who tries to steal the stud’s wallet. Anthony catches the blond hunk in time and immediately dishes out an aggressive lesson in discipline—manhandling the muscular culprit to the ground and shoving his groin into Dakota’s face. Anthony unleashes a verbal onslaught as he whips out his ridiculously huge cock, forcing his captive to open wide and start sucking. Anthony then stands the criminal up and teases his super-hard cock and balls, whipping them around before showing off his deep-throating skills. Dakota gags during the wet suck, which works both men into a verbal exchange. The two jack off, their vein-bursting biceps flexing as their heads romantically rest against each other. Dakota then sits down on Anthony, resting his hands on the top’s monster pecs—his boner grazing the smiling Anthony’s sculpted abs—as he rides, kissing the top in a stunning shot. The breathless bottom gets on all fours (and then his back) for more, staying stiff as he gets plowed before the two come again—with Anthony’s defined body gloriously clenching as he squirts.


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