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Titan Men INTUITION Jessy Ares Christopher Daniels Danny King Enzo Rimenez Jay Roberts Titan Men INTUITION Jessy Ares Christopher Daniels Danny King Enzo Rimenez Jay Roberts

Studio: Titan Media
Directed by: Brian Mills
Year of Production / Release: 2011
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Jessy Ares
Casey Daniels
Scotch Inkom
Danny King / Dave Stevens
Enzo Rimenez
Jay Roberts
Marten Scholz

SCENE 1: Jessy Ares fucks Jay Roberts
SCENE 2: Enzo Rimenez and Marten Scholz fuck Casey Daniels
SCENE 3: Danny King fucks Scotch Inkom

It’s that initial glance that piques your interest. It’s the impulse that confirms an undeniable attraction. It’s that bolt of excitement that courses through your body. It’s Intuition, and Titan demands that you follow it as exclusives Jessy Ares and Scotch Inkom lead a handsome crop of studs that let their guard down and follow their instincts. Go ahead, move in closer…
   After a dip in the pool, the bulging swimsuits of Jessy Ares and Jay Roberts are released for some deep-throat fun—followed by a passionate fuck that leaves Jay gasping for air.
   In front of a lush backdrop, hung suck buddies Enzo Rimenez, Marten Scholz and Casey Daniels take turns on each other before blond Casey bends over.
   After stretching out massive stud Scotch Inkom, dark and chiseled Danny King initiates a sweaty workout that takes care of their stiff love muscles.

SCENE 1: Jessy Ares with Jay Roberts

In front of a bright blue sky, dark-haired beauties Jessy Ares and Jay Roberts kiss by the pool as they bulge inside their bathing suits. After taking a dip, the two towel off and grind their muscles before Jessy dives his tongue deep into Jay’s hole. Jay turns around, flicking his nipples as he feeds his big uncut cock to Jessy. The tall stud spits down, getting Jessy to gag as his own mammoth meat throbs. Jay whips his dick on Jessy’s tongue, then grabs his hair and plows away as a spit-filled froth builds up. The two stroke out their loads, then dive into the pool before Jay get bent over a loveseat. Tight-abbed Jessy slides his dick in, working up a nice rhythm as he spits on Jay’s back and rubs it in. The bottom begs Jessy to “Go deep!” as forceful thrusts take over. On his back, Jay’s big pecs shake as he gets rammed, his face captured in an expression of ecstasy. The bottom jacks out another load before Jessy shoots a wad on his chest, a kiss closing the all-star pairing.

SCENE 2: Casey Daniels, Enzo Rimenez and Marten Scholz

In front of lush greenery, dark and handsome Enzo Rimenez is flanked by blond Casey Daniels and scruffy-haired Marten Scholz. As Casey kisses Enzo, Marten buries his face in Enzo’s groin—soon slurping on the stud’s banana-arched dick as his own uncut beast throbs. Marten works his way to Casey’s cock, a long and thick slab aching for attention. Enzo then drops to his knees, going back and forth as the two kiss above. The moaning stud shows off his skill, deep-throating a breathless . The three kiss and stroke, a drop of Casey’s cum hitting Marten’s bush as they squirt. Casey sucks them again before sitting down on Enzo’s cock, his ass tightening up. The top fucks Casey from behind, the bottom’s mouth busy with Marten’s ass and cock. Casey sits down on Marten, a hot close-up catching the penetration. Marten then fucks him from behind, the deep and slow thrusts eliciting loud moans. Enzo gets another crack at the bottom’s ass, the two tops soon squirting on him before Casey gets a kiss while stroking out his second load.

Titan Men INTUITION Scotch Inkom with Danny King
SCENE 3: Scotch Inkom with Danny King

By the pool, ripped Danny King stretches tattooed muscle man Scotch Inkom. After working his bud’s back, Danny (whose jet-black hair complements his built tan bod) works on Scotch’s legs—quickly enjoying the stud’s cock as spit strands slide from his mouth. Danny strips down, unveiling his chiseled stomach and killer cock as he crouches down to feed Scotch. The moaning Danny plunge fucks his bud’s lips before the attentive Scotch turns his attention (and his tongue) to the hunk’s balls. Danny sits his hole on Scotch’s hungry mouth, the two stroking their cocks in an unforgettable shot: Scotch buries his beard in Danny’s cheeks as their two boners fill the screen, Danny’s dick twitching in excitement. A 69 gets Danny’s neck veins bulging, the two soon firing out their loads.. Bent over a rock, a smiling Scotch gets munched and fingered by the excited Danny—the top soon shoving his dick in.. “Oh yeah, fuck me!” he moans as Danny’s defined abs bask in the sun. Danny then works it slow, varying his tempo. After a kiss, the hard-as-a-rock Scotch sits down on Danny, arching his back as he rides.. The bottom shoots hot wads as he gets fucked before the moaning Danny coats him, cum drops landing on Scotch’s shaft before a final kiss seals the steamy encounter.

A look behind the scenes includes photoshoot footage and fluffing, while Jessy Ares and Jay Roberts have some underwater fun in deleted footage. Trailers, a cumshot reel and looks at TitanMen Tools and Lube are also included.



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