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Titan Men SWEAT EQUITY Jessy Ares Aymeric DeVille JR Matthews Ethan Hudson Mack Manus Frank Philipp Kyle Quinn Titan Men SWEAT EQUITY

Studio: Titan Media
Directed by: Brian Mills
Year of Production / Release: 2011
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Jessy Ares
Aymeric DeVille
Ethan Hudson
Mack Manus
JR Matthews
Frank Philipp
Kyle Quinn

The seductive sun takes control on a day where sex fills the air. Can you smell it? The perspiration seeps through every pore, dripping from your skin as your heart beats faster. Get ready to unzip and drip along with TitanMen exclusives Jessy Ares, Aymeric DeVille and J.R. Matthews—who lead a crop of scorching studs so hot, you’ll feel every wet pulse and slick thrust right along with them.
   After polishing Jessy Ares’ Jacuzzi, blue collar hunk J.R. Matthews polishes something even bigger and harder before opening his hole for a super-stiff ride.
   Muscle hunk Aymeric DeVille gets hammered by the hard wood of horny handymen Frank Philipp and Ethan Hudson, who tag-team his jock holes.
   A hot day working outside gets to beefy Mack Manus and toned Kyle Quinn, their passion erupting as the ass-hungry Mack manhandles his buddy.

SCENE 1: Jessy Ares and J.R. Matthews

Unaware that Jessy Ares is admiring his ass, J.R. Matthews gets up from polishing his boss’s Jacuzzi…and accidentally soaks the stud with water. He advises Jessy to immediately wash away the solution—and the two are suddenly buck-naked in an outdoor shower, their muscle bods and bristly chins meeting. As his massive boner grazes J.R.’s ass, the dark and handsome Jessy wraps his arms around the fair-skinned stud. Jessy whips his dick in J.R.’s face, spitting on him as water runs down their defined bodies. Soon pinned to the wall, J.R. gets his hole slurped, the sounds of muffled munching filling the air. J.R. gets his dick serviced as Jessy’s shaft throbs. The two squirt before J.R. bends over the Jacuzzi. Jessy slides his dick inside, low shots capturing each thrust as J.R. stays hard. The bottom arches back for a kiss, then sits down on Jessy in an unforgettable sequence: J.R. rides him as his own bulging boner frantically bounces. “Yeah, ride that cock!” says the impressed Jessy, who then gets J.R. on his back for more. Right as J.R. cums, Jessy feeds him fingers—then rubs the load on the bottom’s big chest before dousing him with a hot load.

SCENE 2: Aymeric DeVille, Ethan Hudson and Frank Philipp

Kneeling handyman Aymeric DeVille hammers away at some hard wood. Between the planks waits the bulging jeans of Frank Philipp, who pulls Aymeric’s smooth head onto his package. Aymeric works up the huge mound, Frank’s super-thick meat soon released. As a grunting Frank gets sucked, beefy Ethan Hudson spots his co-workers. Quickly on his knees, he joins Aymeric in worshipping Frank’s beast. Ethan takes turns on both tools, the dick heads touching as they meet his mouth. The three stroke out their loads, their muscles clenching as they climax. In the yard, Aymeric mounts a ladder as he gets worked from both ends: Ethan slurps his smooth hole as Frank feeds his face. Frank then rubs his tongue and shaved head on Aymeric’s ass, soon fucking him as Ethan feeds the bottom’s face.Later on his back, Aymeric gets tag-teamed some more. A doggie-style fuck follows, with Ethan plowing slow and deep before picking up the pace. Frank shoves a gagging Aymeric’s face down on his cock, the bottom gasping for air before three loads coat his defined body.

SCENE 3: Mack Manus and Kyle Quinn

On a work break, Mack Manus and Kyle Quinn bake in the sun. The beefy and tan Mack reaches for a beer, rubbing toned Kyle’s leg. Mack spits out some beer and dives in for a kiss, aggressively pulling Kyle in as their intense attraction erupts. Mack shoves Kyle’s face down on his bulging jockstrap, coating it with beer before feeding him his uncut cock. The grunting Mack wraps his huge hands around Kyle’s head and shoves him down deeper, getting him to gag. Mack grips his own balls as he gets sucked, then returns the favor while slurping on Kyle’s meat—a thick beauty that has him opening wide. Mack turns Kyle around, soon tonguing his hole from below. Crazed for hole, he reaches over to finger Kyle’s ass—spitting on it as his hands spread the cheeks wide. The alpha top slaps Kyle’s ass, leaving an imprint of his man hand. Kyle sucks Mack, the two coming as they moan. Now on a ladder, Kyle gets his hole worshipped again. After some fingering and slurping, the insatiable Mack fucks him fast and deep before taking Kyle atop the counter. On his back, the bottom gets slammed as Mack’s balls bounce below. Kyle jacks out a load as he gets plowed, Mack’s wad soon landing on the bottom’s thigh as the poolside passion comes to a close.

Photoshoot footage includes some sexy smiles and fluffing, while trailers, a cumshot collection and looks at TitanMen Tools and Lube are also included.


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