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Titan Men Gay Porn Star Man Sex POWER PLAY Wilfried Knight Lance Navarro Titan Men Gay Porn Star Man Sex POWER PLAY

Studio: Titan Media / Titan Rough
Directed by: Paul Wilde
Year of Production / Release: 2013
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Ethan Ayers
Wilfried Knight
Hunter Marx
Lance Navarro
Johnny Parker
Rogue Status

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Wanna score? Then you need an advantage. With bulges bursting out of skin-tight gear, TitanMen exclusive Hunter Marx and more horny hunks get extreme as they take turns one-upping each other in a Power Play for control—with piss, a fist and sounding rods all on display.
   Their muscles defined in tight black rubber, Ethan Ayers and Rogue Status swap sucks before Ethan gets doused in piss—and fucked deep.
   After feasting on each other’s jock cocks, Hunter Marx and Johnny Parker fuck each other—then stroke side by side with sounding rods down their steel shafts.
   Nothing’s off limits for Wilfried Knight and Lance Navarro, who engage in sucking, fucking, sounding and fisting during a sweaty encounter.

Titan Men Gay Porn Star Man Sex WET AND WIDE
SCENE 1: Ethan Ayers and Rogue Status
His tattoos peeking through his smoke rubber suit, mohawked Ethan Ayers pops a boner as he slurps bearded Rogue Status—whose cock throbs out of shiny black rubber. Ethan chokes on the tool, spitting on it as Rogue moans and fucks his face. The alpha unleashes a stream of piss all over Ethan, who also fires up a fountain as his slick suit gets soaked. Rogue opens wide to take Ethan’s thick rocket, deep sucking it before eating Ethan’s ass. Rogue fingers him, then douses him again with a stream of piss that coats his head, back and ass. The top fucks Ethan from behind, then turns him over. Rogue grabs hold of the bottom’s legs and reams him harder, then fires out a load—a double squirt with a delayed second stream that coats Ethan’s stomach. The bottom pisses up into his own mouth as Rogue joins in, covering the bottom’s chest and sac. Ethan shoots his cum, which Rogue rubs into the bottom’s covered chest before kissing him.

Titan Men Gay Porn Star Man Sex WET AND WIDE
SCENE 2: Hunter Marx with Johnny Parker
With their jock asses exposed from their skin-tight sport shorts, Hunter Marx and Johnny Parker rub each other’s furry muscle chests, their foreheads rubbing before they kiss. A boner builds under Hunter’s laces, his big dick soon popping into Johnny’s face. Johnny engulfs it, his own cock throbbing as he wraps his lips tightly around the shaft. The sucker reaches up and grips Hunter’s pec, sniffing the stud’s crotch. Hunter pushes his steel shaft to the side and releases it—his rod snapping onto Johnny’s bearded face. The two switch positions, Hunter’s vein-bursting cock throbbing as he sucks—spit strands clinging to his mouth and falling to his chest. Hunter then bends over—his dick staying stiff in his tight shorts—to take Johnny’s cock. Hunter then grinds his cock on Johnny’s ass before fucking him deep, the top’s pubes tickling the bottom’s ass hair. The two stroke side by side, inserting sounding rods into their cocks as they jack. They finally shoot, Hunter licking Johnny’s nip and teasing his balls as the bottom comes.

Titan Men Gay Porn Star Man Sex WET AND WIDE
SCENE 3: Wilfried Knight and Lance Navarro
Wrapped in a harness and jockstrap, hairy Wilfried Knight licks down Lance Navarro’s bod—taking out the stud’s uncut cock and working it up beautifully as side shots capture every gulp. Lance tugs his pierced nips as he gets serviced, Wilfried swallowing the hunk’s big balls and grabbing his chest. Wilfried slides Lance’s foreskin up and nibbles it, a spit strand clinging to his beard. Lance grips Wilfried’s harness as he sucks him back, his lips pulling on the foreskin. He tongues Wilfried’s hole, fucking him with three fingers before sliding his dick inside doggie style. The top grips Wilfried’s harness from behind, his tight balls banging the bottom’s ass. Lance wraps his arm around Wilfried, pulling him back for a kiss. Soon in a sling, Lance submits—a sounding rod down his dick as the two take turns stroking it, his foreskin sliding up. Wilfried then lubes his hand—his wet, hairy forearm twisting as he fists his moaning bud before the two squirt.


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