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Titan Men Gay Porn Star Man Sex WET AND WIDE Aymeric DeVille Ethan Ayers Titan Men Gay Porn Star Man Sex WET AND WIDE Aymeric DeVille Ethan Ayers

Studio: Titan Media / Titan Rough
Directed by: Paul Wilde
Year of Production / Release: 2013
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Ethan Ayers
Felix Barca
Aymeric DeVille
Thor Larsson
Shay Michaels
Rogue Status

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Cocks that make you choke, spit falling to the floor. Bodies begging to be doused in piss. Skin pinched to its limit. Asses that demand to be stretched by big dick, twisting dildos and two fists at the same time. Get Rough with TitanMen exclusive Aymeric DeVille, who likes it Wet and Wide with his friends.
   Ethan Ayers can’t keep the smile off his face as he dominates daddy Thor Larsson, who gets stretched to the limit by dick, piss, a dildo and two fists up his hungry hole.
   Aymeric DeVille submits to scruffy Shay Michaels, who uses his cock, piss and a horde of tight clothespins to manhandle the jock.
   Rogue Status works up an impressive load of spit as he worships Felix Barca’s big cock, with dildos and piss also pleasing the voracious bottom.

Titan Men Gay Porn Star Man Sex WET AND WIDE
SCENE 1: Ethan Ayers and Thor Larsson
As he kisses salt-and-pepper bearded Thor Larsson, Ethan Ayers slaps the stud’s hairy pecs. The mohawked Ethan licks Thor’s pit, then tugs on his balls—hanging low in a stretcher. Thor licks his bud’s pit, then deep throats his thick slab. Ethan returns the favor, nibbling on Thor’s foreskin. Thor gets on his knees, begging for piss—which quickly flies into his mouth, drenching Thor’s body as the thirsty fucker spits some back up. Ethan eats him out before fucking him deep. On his back, Thor gets a big dildo twisted in, a smiling Ethan punching the base. The alpha slides his fist inside, slowly working his second fist in as Thor guides the muscular forearm. With one arm out, Ethan continues to fist him as Thor grips his own boner. “Piss on my hole!” he demands, Ethan dousing the red center. Ethan slides his left fist in again, Thor slapping his boner on the stud’s face. Ethan slides his right arm inside at the same time, both arms in deep as Thor grunts. Ethan swings him back and forth, Thor lifting his ass in the air. With one arm out, Ethan fists him deep—nearly up to his elbow. Thor squirts before getting another stream of piss all over him.

Titan Men Gay Porn Star Man Sex WET AND WIDE
SCENE 2: Aymeric DeVille with Shay Michaels
In assless chaps and a harness, Aymeric DeVille is on all fours on a bench as Shay Michaels buries his bearded face inside the muscle jock’s hole. “Push it out!” demands Shay as he slaps Aymeric’s ass, sliding his thumb inside before rubbing his scruffy chin over Aymeric’s cheeks. Shay grips and slaps Aymeric’s balls, soon sliding a hollow Pig Hole inside and fucking him through it—crouching up on the bench and fucking him doggie style. On his back, Aymeric gets a big stream of piss all over him. Shay then clamps clothespins all over the bottom’s bod, starting with his nipples and all over his stomach, with a handful squeezing the bottom’s sac skin, shaft and inside his foreskin fold. Shay feeds Aymeric his cock, then flicks a clothespin. He removes them all expect the foreskin pinch, which he tugs as Aymeric writhes—the two soon coming.

Titan Men Gay Porn Star Man Sex WET AND WIDE
SCENE 3: Felix Barca and Rogue Status
With suspenders tight against his hairy muscle chest, Felix Barca approaches a kneeling Rogue Status—who soon has his face planted against the hunk’s jean bulge. Felix’s thick uncut throbber is released, Rogue swallowing it. Felix spits down on his own shaft, Rogue working up a wet mess as spit clings to his mouth and Felix’s cock. Felix pulls up his foreskin for Rogue to munch, the showoff then shaking his boner in front of his face. Rogue chokes on it, soon turning around as Felix eats him before sliding two huge dildos inside. Felix then fucks him fast and deep, low shots capturing his balls-deep penetration. Rogue arches back for a kiss, then sits down on the top—Felix moaning as the bottom grinds down. The top then does the work, pumping the bottom deep as Rogue dumps a load on the floor. Felix stands over the bottom, pissing all over him as his boner throbs to the ceiling. Felix then jacks off, his defied abs clenching as he unloads.


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