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Raging Stallion Tomas Brand Trenton Ducati Jimmy Durano Andrew Justice Rich Kelly Logan Rogue NEVER ENOUGH Raging Stallion NEVER ENOUGH

Studio: Raging Stallion / Hard Friction
Directed by: Steve Cruz & Bruno Bond
Year of Production / Release: 2012
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Tomas Brand
Randy Dixon
Trenton Ducati
Jimmy Durano
Andrew Justice
Rich Kelly
Logan Rogue
James Ryder

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Lips sucking, muscles flexing, big cocks throbbing, asses getting pounded. This is another sweaty, naked free-for-all in the Hard Friction Studio directed by Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond. The eight men won’t stop until they get their fill and it’s ‘Never Enough.’

Raging Stallion IMPACT
SCENE 1: Tomas Brand fucks Logan Rogue
Tomas Brand and Logan Rogue open the scene locked in a magnetic embrace. Logan licks his way down Tomas’ perfectly chiseled torso. He’s down on his knees servicing his man, Tomas’ thick throbbing uncut rod pulsing in and out of Logan’s strong lips. Logan gulps and deep throats the monster piece with ease and delight before laying Tomas’ perfect muscle ass open and rimming the tight pink hole. Its a full service job! Intimacy and passion heat up again when they are face to face, Tomas spreads Logan’s legs wide open and Logan’s hole is hungry for cock. Hypnotized by each other’s gaze and full of fire, they go at it. Logan takes it like a pro, every massive inch begging for more. You can tell the connection is real as they kiss and laugh with each other having a sexual adventure like no other- in front of a live broadcast audience. In the end, both men blow their loads. First Logan who can hardly contain it! Then Tomas milks his fat rod as Logan gulps up the hot juice like a greedy dog! It ends with a sweet kiss and embrace.

Raging Stallion IMPACT
SCENE 2: Jimmy Durano fucks James Ryder
We never get enough of muscled stud, Jimmy Durano and his big cock so we brought him back to the studio and paired him up with sexy newcomer, James Ryder. Lean, inked James has a 9″ cock that points straight up as Jimmy slurps it down his throat. The look of lust is intense in James’ eyes as he goes down on Jimmy’s thick, curved cock. He wants it in his ass and Jimmy is ready to give it to him hard! He lies back as James climbs up and rides his cock plunging deep into his ass. Then James lies back and Jimmy gives it to him strong and fast until he shoots a big load across his ripped abs. Jimmy climbs up on the table and blasts his own load all over James’ handsome face.

Raging Stallion IMPACT
SCENE 3: Andrew Justice fucks Rich Kelly
Lucky Rich Kelly gets paired up with the very manly Andrew Justice in his very first scene. Rich wastes no time in getting down on his knees to service Andrew’s giant cock. He crams every inch down his throat over and over again making it spit sloppy wet, rock hard, and ready for his ass. Andrew is not quite ready for fucking and warms up Rich’s hairy hole with his tongue, getting it good and loose for his big, curved cock. Rich lies back with his legs in the air and Andrew pounds him relentlessly. Rich is loving every minute of it, so he climbs up on Andrew and slides that big cock in his hungry hole riding it for all that it is worth! Kissing and riding and thrusting and moaning. This is how real men fuck! The intensity builds until Andrew blasts a giant load in Rich’s face which turns him on so much he simultaneously blows his own load.

Raging Stallion IMPACT
SCENE 4: Trenton Ducati fucks Randy Dixon
Muscle bound god Trenton Ducati has young jock Randy Dixon all amped up on the smell of his man sweat and testosterone. Trenton wastes no time as he pushes Randy down to his rock hard tool for a spit polish. It’s so much dick, Randy almost doesn’t know what to do… ALMOST! Randy practically unhinges his jaw to fit all of Trenton inside. He swallows and gulps the monster piece with greed as if his eyes are bigger than his appetite. Trenton is the man in charge, barking orders and making the boy choke on too much meat rather than go hungry. Soon he has Randy turned ass up as he loosens up the boy’s hole with his tongue. A man of action, Trenton plunges deep into Randy’s boy butt. Here we find out what the kid is made of. What a slut pig bottom! Trenton twists Randy open in every direction, drilling him relentlessly. Randy loves it and begs for more. On his side and from behind he takes a jackhammer pounding like none other. It’s so exciting he almost blows too soon! The Hard Friction directors are there to catch every minute and every drop of sweet white cum. Then Trenton pulls out and blasts his submissive with gush of white wash all over the young jock’s hungry butt. Randy remarks, ‘That’s a big fucking load!’ as it drips from his hole to the floor!


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