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Studio: Alexander Pictures
Directed by: Alexander
Year of Production / Release: 2008
Country of Production: Brazil / Argentina / U.S.A.

Rodrigo Bekmann
Mario Coelho
Adrian Correa
Cosme Diaz
Tommy Lima
Vasco Fernandez [Lucas Lucky]
Francisco Macedo
Marcelo Sousa [Marcelo Mastro]
Alex Mello
Vidal Silva

SCENE 1: Marcelo Sousa, Cosme Diaz, Francisco Macedo
Tommy Lima has a knack for finding hot action. Shortly after walking into the jungle he finds a couple of his buddies from the beach in a hot three-way make out with a new stud, Marcelo Sousa. Marcelo is flanked by Cosme Diaz and Francisco Macedo. Cosme takes as much of Marcelo’s incredible uncut cock as he can fit in his mouth while Francisco gropes and grinds Marcelo from behind. These three guys have amazing bodies and watching them use them will likely get your nut before you even finish the first scene. Cosme shows off his massive arms and talented ass and mouth once again as Francisco and Marcelo take turns using him. Marcelo’s fat prick stretches Cosme to the limit but neither his moaning nor his grimace cause Marcelo to back off. What’s even hotter is that Marcelo bends over and proves himself versatile indeed by taking Francisco balls deep up his hole. After a good reaming, Francisco dumps his nut on Marcelo’s back, pulls up his pants and takes off. Marcelo then drops to his knees and gives Cosme a blowjob before stroking his own load off on Cosme’ crotch and continuing down the trail.

SCENE 2: Alex Mello and Tommy Lima
As Tommy continues his hike he crosses paths with the cocky Alex Mello. The two glance over their shoulders at each other in that universal look of, ‘wanna fuck?’ that any guy with a hankering for dick can recognize. A few minutes of making out and Tommy is on his knees giving Alex a quick, anonymous head job while Alex keeps an eye out for anyone who might catch them. Alex then leans Tommy up against a tree and starts eating his ass. Alex shows that this isn’t the first time he’s plowed a nice ass in the jungle as he continues to look around while he gives Tommy a hard fucking right on the path. Tommy’s moaning and groaning, though, gets Alex so hot that he swings him around and changes position and so he doesn’t notice a young Mario Coelho wander up the path. Mario doesn’t seem offended, though, as he kneels down and starts playing with his own piece out the leg of his shorts. Mario has a bird’s eye view of the action as Tommy pulls his ass off Alex’s cock and gets down on his knees to finish him off with that hot mouth. Alex nuts all over some of the local vegetation before jogging off down the trail.

SCENE 3: Mario Coelho and Tommy Lima
Tommy’s too distracted to notice Mario Coelho is watching him until he’s pulled up his pants and turned straight towards him. Mario’s hard cock seems to be a clear enough sign that everything will be alright. Tommy walks right up to the skinny little fucker and grabs his big, Latin dong and falls quickly back to his knees to give more head. Man after my own heart. A little sucking isn’t enough for Mario, though, and he seems completely happy to take sloppy seconds from Alex as he too leans Tommy up against a tree and pounds his hole. Mario dumps a big nut on Tommy’s back before Tommy pumps his own nut out onto the ground. All the guys in this jungle are quick to run once they’ve shot their loads. That’s always a plus! Tommy just pulls up his pants and puts his shirt on right over the cum. That’s going to leave a scent that will get some guys boned up once he returns to civilization!

SCENE 4: Adrian Correa, Vasco Fernandez
Tommy, as I’ve said, has some sixth sense for finding guys going at it. Shortly along the path he finds Adrian Correa and Vasco Fernandez having a hot and heavy sword fight. Adrian’s hung like a fucking superstar and Vasco goes to town sucking and licking his meat. Adrian drives his cock into Vasco from behind before putting the boy on his back and giving it to him like a bitch. And Vasco takes it. Adrian fucks him long and hard on the jungle floor before both guys stand up and drop their nut on some more of the plants growing near them. Makes you want to look for the ‘grown in Brazil’ sticker at the produce department… just in case these guys might have fertilized it.

SCENE 5: Rodrigo Bekmann, Vidal Silva, and Tommy Lima
The break Tommy got while hiking and watching Adrian and Vasco was enough to get the lead back in his pencil. He finds some old architecture in the jungle that is evidently being guarded by a police uniformed Rodrigo Rodrigo who seems bored as Tommy walks by. Just up the stairs, though, is a horny Vidal Silva tugging on his bone through his shorts. Tommy licks his lips and you know he’s thinking exactly what you are, “Somebody ought to be sucking on that.” Being as Tommy has already had an unfair share of huge cock it seems it should be one of us but since we weren’t available he gets on his knees and swallows another huge dick. Vidal’s cock isn’t just big, it’s a veiny fucker with that downward curve that helps it go right down your throat. Thing is, it’s so fat that it’s bigger than any guy’s throat could be. Tommy does a respectable job, though. He can, of course, accommodate even this big fucker up his ass and does. When Rodrigo Rodrigo walks up, though, it’s hard to tell what kind of trouble the guys are getting into. When his belt comes off, though, it’s clear that it’s the kind of trouble Tommy’s been finding all over Brazil. It’s another hard, loud fuck for Tommy but with a surprise turn around as Rodrigo turns his ass up for Vidal’s fat boner. Rodrigo gives us another reason to buy imported Brazilian produce just before Vidal nuts on his back and Tommy shoots on the ground.

Just like at the end of ‘On the Beach’ we get a quick preview of what’s to come in the form of a shot of the soccer field. That’s right! While in Brazil our boy Tommy Lima not only passed his ass around to the guys on the beach and in the jungle, he found time to give it up for some hot soccer jocks, too. Check out TOMMY LIMA IN BRAZIL: SOCCER PLAY. You’ll never think of the World Cup the same way.



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