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Studio: Alexander Pictures
Directed by: Alexander
Year of Production / Release: 2008
Country of Production: Brazil / Argentina / U.S.A.

Antonio Bello
Paulo Colimbra
Cosme Diaz
Enrique Fonseca
Tommy Lima
Vasco Fernandez [Lucas Lucky]
Francisco Macedo
Ronaldo Marcos
Alex Mello
Marco Santos
Denis Torres

SCENE 1: Tommy Lima, Antonio Bello
Note to self: If you are in an airport and you see a guy with a sign that says ‘Tommy Lima,’ follow him! When Antonio Bello picks Tommy up from the airport you know it won’t be long before the fun begins. What you don’t expect is the huge prick that climbs out of Antonio’s board shorts. Alexander proves his filming prowess once again with a great series of shots during this back-seat blowjob including one from just under Antonio’s low-hangers. Seeing the truck pass other vehicles on the road while Tommy chows down on Antonio’s hog makes it even hotter. No way someone didn’t see Tommy swallowing that monster cock. When the guys get to the hotel you will be impressed that Antonio got all that meat back in his pants. Once they get to the room, though, it doesn’t stay there long. Tommy shows off his abilities as a bottom and takes that mean all the way to the short and curlies. Antonio throws him a great fuck from all kinds of angles. After they blow their loads the two studs walk out on the balcony for a little naked chat in the sun. Another note to self: When walking on Brazilian beaches near hotels, look up.

SCENE 2: Denis Torres, Marco Santos, Vasco Fernandez
As if Tommy and the beach aren’t hot enough, Denis Torres, Marco Santos and Vasco Fernandez coming strutting alongside the surf. From the second you lay eyes on Denis’ packed swim briefs you’ll be lusting for the moment his fat cock escapes that prison of lycra. Tommy, being a friendly kind of guy, loans the trio his room key so they have a private place to drain their nuts. They start with some rubbing and humping on that balcony but soon move inside where Vasco takes turns bending over for the long cock of Marco Santos and then the fat dick of Denis Torres. After wrapping his hole around both bones in the room, Vasco gets spit-roasted between these hung fuckers. Tommy walks in shortly before they unload with an ear-to-ear grin and greets the guys before they drain their tanks. I don’t know what they are feeding these guys but they have some giant cocks. Had my ass twitching just watching!

SCENE 3: Cosme Diaz, Francisco Macedo, Joam Ferreira, Tommy Lima, and Paulo Colimbra
After a short walk and a few muscle ups, Tommy dozes off on the rocks. The dream we glimpse through his mind’s eye is packed with more muscle and meat than I’d think possible. If I dreamed like this guy I’d never wake up! Relaxing in a pool together are Cosme Diaz, Francisco Macedo, Joam Ferreira, and Paulo Colimbra. At first he’s just watching and jacking in the shower. Tommy is soon invited to join in the fun, though. He’s quickly engulfed in the kisses and caresses of these studs and shortly after they help each other out of their trunks. The four friends climb out of the pool and line up side-by-side for Tommy to partake of their sweet buffet before the guys split off to get down to the real sucking and fucking. Joam Ferreira and Cosme Diaz take one side of the pool and use a deck chair in ways never intended by the manufacturer. While Cosme doesn’t have the biggest dick in the film, he has some biceps that you can’t take your eyes off as Joam pounds him from behind. This comes after Joam has fed Cosme his cock and then eaten his ass. As they are getting hotter and hotter the attention shifts over to Tommy who is helping out Francisco Macedo with a blowjob while Paulo Colimbra takes Tommy from behind. After Paulo warms up Tommy’s fuckhole, Francisco climbs on for a ride. The guys then gather round the outdoor shower while Tommy steps inside. The circle of studs takes turns creaming the walls. I think I’ll see about getting a maintenance position cleaning up that pool area.

SCENE 4: Tommy Lima and Alex Mello
Hitting the beach once again, Tommy Lima meets up with Alex Mello and a buddy working out. Tommy invites them back to his room where they sit on the balcony and chat until Alex’s cock threatens to tear its way out of his shorts. Alex is packing yet another legendary cock. Though his friend leaves, Alex and Tommy carry on as Tommy gets yet another fat, Brazilian dick forced down his neck and up his shitter. It’s a no-holds-barred pounding that ends with Alex squirting on Tommy’s chest and Tommy spilling on his own stomach. The two guys lay back for a much deserved nap once they are finished.

SCENE 5: Tommy Lima and Enrique Fonseca
In the last scene of the film, Enrique Fonseca is yet another new acquaintance Tommy finds near the water. He has to be one of the tallest guys I’ve ever seen in the porn and he’s fucking hot. His dick is every bit as big and beautiful as you hope when you first see him. Tommy’s balcony must be fucking magical because it is the point of entry for yet another incredible fuck. The boy-next-door looks of Enrique totally belie his sexual prowess. While the blowjob and ass eating are as hot as ever, when Enrique just lays back with Tommy kneeling between his legs you may wonder how they are going to make this work. With hands on hips, Enrique bounces Tommy up and down on that beautiful cock like a masturbation toy. Enrique can’t stop talking about the fuck his cock is taking out of Tommy’s ass. This is one of the hottest scenes of the year and is bound to earn Alexander Pictures more awards for their office. Enrique flips Tommy over to finish off the fucking before they lay back and stroke off their loads.

The film ends with Tommy going out for a walk and leaving the beaten path only to find himself in the jungle. That, though, is a whole other story. After seeing the hot fucking and sucking in this first installment of Tommy Lima in Brazil, ‘On the Beach’ won’t be enough. You’ll have to get ‘In the Jungle’ to see what kind of trouble he gets himself into.



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