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Falcon Jocks Studios CABIN FEVER PART 2 (JVP-153) Donny Wright Dylan Roberts Valentin Petrov Spencer Fox Lee Paine Luke Milan Mark Ford Trace Kendall

Studio: Falcon Studios / Jocks Studios
Directed by: Bruno Bond
Year of Production / Release: 2012
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Mark Ford
Spencer Fox
Trace Kendall
Luke Milan
Lee Paine
Valentin Petrov
Dylan Roberts
Donny Wright

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In the second installment of Cabin Fever, it’s cold and snowy outside and another set of All-American JOCKS are stuck in their cabin. With nothing else to do, they have to find ways to keep themselves occupied. They’re always horny, and they’re burning up with Cabin Fever. The heat generated by their fever takes over, and they turn to each other to fulfill the passions that overwhelm them. Fiery exchanges between these hot young studs, turn up the temperature even higher. This fever can no longer be contained, and what follows is intense man-on-man action that will make you want to get holed up with these JOCKS. You’ll want to help relieve them of their Cabin Fever.

Falcon Jocks Studios CABIN FEVER - PART 2 (JVP-153)
SCENE 1: Donny Wright fucks Trace Kendall

Trace Kendall’s plan to spend the day lost in a good book is thwarted when Donny Wright interrupts. The two friends fall into each other’s warm embrace and things immediately heat up when Donny pulls out his huge meat. Trace is in pig heaven as Donny face fucks him, opening wide to get as much dick down his throat. The guys trade places and Donny goes to town on Trace’s thick cock. The sexy brunet works his lips up, down and all around the entire shaft; he tongues the sensitive head and mouths his balls. Then Donny amps up the action as he fills Trace’s hole with his meat. He holds his buddy’s waist to help him propel deeper inside his tight hole. The guys continue fucking as Trace lays back. He rubs and tugs his dick while Donny plows him hard. They’re both in sync and ready to blast their loads when Donny pulls out. Trace shoots hefty splashes immediately, followed shortly by Donny’s blast of cum.

Falcon Jocks Studios CABIN FEVER - PART 2 (JVP-153)
SCENE 2: Lee Paine fucks Luke Milan

Lee Paine and Luke Milan are snug in their bed feeling too frisky to go to sleep. They make out before Lee pulls the covers down to feed on Luke’s big juicy cock. He savors the tasty slab of meat making his partner moan and gasp with pleasure. Luke soon wants his turn to feast, and he begins to slurp down on his bedmate. He feeds on Lee’s cock, letting the pole slide lovingly through his lips and creating a sexual charge that they’re both feeling. Lee starts to rim Luke’s asshole, licking the pucker and juicing it up with his spit. Then with Luke’s legs up and spread apart, Lee fucks him hard. They continue screwing with Luke bouncing up and down on his buddy’s cock. The excitement intensifies as Lee thrusts his hips. Luke strokes his dick as he continues riding and after squeezing out shots of jizz, he rolls off to watch Lee yank his crank until he climaxes and douses his abs with his own cum.

Falcon Jocks Studios CABIN FEVER - PART 2 (JVP-153)
SCENE 3: Mark Ford fucks Dylan Roberts

Big, hunky Mark Ford is already in the kitchen chowing his breakfast down when his buddy Dylan Roberts strolls in and joins him. Dylan’s hungry too and wonders what’ll satisfy his appetite. No problem because he knows there’s a big juicy sausage inside Mark’s pants. Dylan goes crazy as he guzzles it down, feeding on the throbbing muscle with abandon and ensuring all his oral tricks are making it as big and as hard as it’ll get. Mark rewards his buddy with kisses, then quickly follows up with a deep penetrating ass fuck. Dylan moans and groans as his tight slot is stretched wide by the girth of Mark’s bone and his cries of pleasure continue as they gyrate into different positions on the kitchen counter. The two carry on like madmen as Dylan bucks up and down Mark’s rod. These studs take to jerking themselves off until they each erupt and shoot pools of cum all over.

Falcon Jocks Studios CABIN FEVER - PART 2 (JVP-153)
SCENE 4: Valentin Petrov and Spencer Fox flip-fuck

Valentin Petrov towels himself off, feeling hot and clean after his steamy shower. He is quickly aroused when he sees Spencer Fox soaking in the tub. Stewing in the warm water, Spencer and his equally giant cock get Valentin fired up. Spencer invites his friend over, and Valentin gets busy lapping up his thick hard dick, hefty balls and juicy manhole. The mad Russian’s tongue darts all around and deep inside the Spencer’s chute. Spencer gets so excited that he quickly takes his turn to suck cock. He buries his face in Valentin’s crotch and nurses on his swollen 9+ inches. Valentin is wanting more and he positions himself on Spencer’s thick dick and bucks up and down, his hard cock swinging madly. The two friends switch roles again in this exchange of huge dicks, flipping so Valentin can plow Spencer aggressively in the ass. Ready to explode, the guys beat their meat together, stroking hard and fast until Spencer and Valentin blast their loads.


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