Falcon Studios FVP-284 Zack & Jack Make A PornoJJ Knight Wesley Woods Woody Fox Alam Wernik Pierce Paris Quin Quire Skyy Knox

Studio: Falcon Studios
Directed by: Mr. Pam, Tony Dimarco
Year of Production / Release: 2018
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Woody Fox
JJ Knight
Skyy Knox
Pierce Paris
Quin Quire
Alam Wernik
Wesley Woods

When Jack (Wesley Woods) quits his job on the same day his roommate Zack (Woody Fox) gets laid off, the two realize they need to make some quick cash. After pondering nearly impossible ideas for new careers, they mutually decide to make a gay porn. From the creative and collaborative minds of award-winning directors Tony Dimarco and mr. Pam, comes ‘ZACK & JACK MAKE A PORNO’. With Zack as the producer and Jack as the director, they set out on the challenge to find the hottest and most hung studs to star in their debut dirty flick. When JJ Knight shows up on set to shoot the debut scene, he needs a moment to get his cock hard. Jack steps in to lend a helping hand, but JJ needs more than just a warm palm. With the crew on break, Zack finds himself alone on set with the infamous Alam Wernik. Alam’s tight body and perfectly smooth hole is the only invitation that Zack needs to fuck his leading man up the ass. When Jack and Alam drive to get some food, Alam decides to make his own meal out of Jack’s meaty cock. The two take turns blowing each other in a fast food parking lot until both studs and the inside of the car are covered in cum. Pierce Paris and Quin Quire slip away from the rest of the cast and crew to find a secluded storage area. Quin gets his ass stretched to the limits with Pierce’s monster cock before Quin takes the stud’s thick load in his open mouth. When exotic French model Skyy Knox leaves the set over a talent dispute, Zack is quick to console him. The comfort soon turns to lust as Skyy’s towel hits the floor. The two studs fuck hard on the couch until both of them explode, leaving Skyy covered from head to cock with jizz. When ‘ZACK & JACK MAKE A PORNO’, it’s not certain if they’ll ever finish, but one thing is for sure; no one is leaving this set without getting their fair share of dick!

Falcon Studios FVP-284 Zack & Jack Make A Porno
SCENE 1: JJ Knight fucks Wesley Woods

Zack and Jack’s first big scene of their new porno starts when JJ Knight shows up on set and needs some extra time to get hard. JJ leaves for a little privacy and as the crew takes a quick break, Jack (Wesley Woods) steps in to give JJ a helping hand. JJ is high maintenance and is never satisfied with just a handjob and orders Jack on his knees to have a taste. Jack is happy to help and soon has JJ’s massive 10” dick crammed firmly down his throat. Jack can hardly wait for JJ’s giant pole to fill his ass and bends over to take every inch that JJ has to offer. The horny jocks switch it up for maximum penetration before Jack hops on top for one last ride. JJ hits just the right spot as he pounds away to fuck the cum out of Jack’s throbbing cock. With Jack’s cum still dripping down his ripped body, JJ lets loose and blasts a load into Jack’s eager mouth. Jack realizes he may have made a mistake for the production by making JJ cum so hard. Did Jack ruin the opening scene by letting the star conquer is hole?

Falcon Studios FVP-284 Zack & Jack Make A Porno
SCENE 2: Woody Fox fucks Alam Wernik

With the crew on break from Zack and Jack’s porn production, Zack (Woody Fox) finds himself alone on set with social media superstar, Alam Wernik. Alam is eager to show off his assets and asks Zack if he wants to touch it. Zack can’t resist the temptation and soon finds himself tongue-deep in Alam’s smooth hole. Alam opens up with each probing flick from Zack’s tongue. It’s all the invitation Zack needs to rip off his clothes to see what else Alam has to offer. Alam turns around to get Zack’s giant cock in his mouth and works it until Zack is hard and ready to go. Zack is fixated on Alam’s perfect tight ass and can no longer resist his instincts as he slips his extra hard dick into Alam’s hole. The muscle stud pounds away on his porn star’s butt, opening him up and making him beg for more. The guys mix it up when Alam rides Zack pole before he gets on his back to let Zack drill even deeper. With Zack in complete control, he slams Alam’s hole until he makes the young stud blast his load all over his tight body. With the sight of all that cum dripping everywhere, Zack has Alam suck his dick one last time until he creams all over Alam’s face.

Falcon Studios FVP-284 Zack & Jack Make A Porno
SCENE 3: Wesley Woods & Alam Wernik (all oral)

On the second day of production, Zack and Jack decide to switch things up by re-casting their movie. Things are going well until they decide to take a break to get some food. Alam joins Jack (Wesley Woods) in the car and asks Jack if he can suck his cock. Jack isn’t one to say turn down a blowjob and Alam gets to work as Jack drives them to the restaurant. As the studs pull up in the drive thru, Alam only stops sucking long enough for the fast food lady to hand them their food. Jack needs to concentrate and pulls over to let Alam work his cock even more. It’s a long and slippery blowjob and the harder Jack gets, the more he needs to get a piece of Alam. Alam gets completely naked and bends over to let Jack eat his bare ass. It tastes so good that Jack needs to see what the rest of the stud is like. Jack opens his mouth and lies back to let Alam face-fuck him. Both hunks turn into cock connoisseurs as they take turns giving each other head. Jack is the first to get his reward and as he licks the tip of Alam’s swollen dick, Alam busts his load all over the cum-hungry stud. Alam wants cum too and finishes up by swallowing Jack’s massive load. Both studs and the inside of the car are covered in cum when they realize they’ve been gone for way longer than they’d promised.

Falcon Studios FVP-284 Zack & Jack Make A Porno
SCENE 4: Pierce Paris fucks Quin Quire

Pierce Paris and Quin Quire are former fuck buds who meet on the set of Zack and Jack’s porno with Quin running the camera and Pierce shooting his first scene as a porn star. When they have a minute to step out of production, they sneak away to a storage space to reminisce about the great sex they used to have. The old memories turn Quin on so he gets on his knees to take Pierce down his gagging throat. It’s a tight fit but Quin is prepared to do anything to have Pierce inside of him. Pierce doesn’t want to be left out of the sucking action and takes his turn on the floor in front of Quin’s big, thick cock. Quin face-fucks Pierce before he decides it’s time to open up his hole. Quin sits on Pierce’s face and lets the stud rim his ass until neither of them can hold back any longer. Quin takes his place on Pierce’s dick and rides it up and down to get his ass stretched out before Pierce switches it up and pummels Quin on his back. That’s the magic position that makes Quin pop his load all over his own heaving body. After he douses himself with cum, Quin begs for Pierce to unload in his mouth. Pierce doesn’t need any coaxing after that nice tight ass and bellies up to Quin’s face to unleash a river of cum. Both studs leave satisfied and ready to keep their secret from the rest of the cast and crew.

Falcon Studios FVP-284 Zack & Jack Make A Porno
SCENE 5: Woody Fox fucks Skyy Knox

Skyy Knox has left the set after a dispute with another performer and when Zack (Woody Fox) chases him down to console him, the comfort quickly turns to lust as the two lock eyes and start making out. Skyy’s towel quickly drops to the floor and Zack’s pants are soon to follow as Skyy goes in for a taste of what his producer has to offer. Skyy loves the taste of Zack’s massive cock and could stay between his legs for days if he could. As much as Zack loves the oral attention, he’s not going to let Skyy’s ass slip away from him so easily. Zack bends his star over the back of the couch and goes directly into his hole with his tongue, giving long broad strokes from balls to back until Skyy is begging for a dick up his ass. Zack isn’t one to let his guys down and slides his dick into Skyy, going slowly at first and building to a frenzied fuck as Skyy demands harder and faster pumping. Skyy wants Zack’s dick even deeper inside of him and after getting plowed on his side, hops on to finish himself off as he rides Zack’s pole. Skyy is rock hard with a dick up his ass as he blows his load all over his own cut abs. Skyy is still hungry for more and opens his mouth wide as he hops off Zack’s cock to take a massive creamy facial before he gobbles up all the cum.


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